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Consider the Melitta Mill and Brew MEMB1B model. The feature list simply goes on and on and all for less than $ 70 usd. Let me list down some of the finer details of what a Melitta Mill and Brew coffee maker model MEMB1B has to offers its users.
The model comes equipped with a high quality built in grinder, not just any grinder which will grind coffee beans, but one which will let you grind to your preference with 7 grind settings from fine to coarse, so you can have it just like you want. The machine even offers you the choice between coffee beans and ground coffee. So if you have any favourite blend that's not a problem either.
Second comes the timer, well, set the timer the previous night if you like and go off to sleep. The machine will do the job for you at the time specified right from grinding beans to brewing your coffee.
Few other thing like the Pause and serve feature is present as well. SO if you are in a rush and cant wait for the full 10 cup to be filled into the carafe, simply get your cup filled and be on your way. Do not even worry about forgetting to shut off your machine, its comes with the Automatic shut off, one of the other important safety feature which is always useful.
Small things like dripping ceases as soon as the carafe is removed from the non stick warming plate, cord storage at the rear of the model are also taken care of.People who have used it have only have good to say about this one Model.
And if all of these features are not enough, here is another model which steps above the MEMB1B, the Melitta's Smart Mill and Brew ME1MSB,not just comes with all the above features but selling for less than $100 usd on the Internet, you can stop wondering about the weather with the ME1MSB.
This smart 10 cup programmable coffee maker tells you regional weather for upto 4 days. It come s with a large backlit LCD display to bring the weather information to you with your morning brew.
So weather its the Mill and Brew models o the Fast brew from Melitta or the one cup coffee maker models from Melitta, this innovators of coffee makers have one thing to offer when it comes to coffee makers, More Value for less money.

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