Making Regular and Decaf Coffee

Enjoying a great cup of coffee every morning is part of my daily ritual. Sometimes I even want coffee after dinner in the evening or in the afternoon. Depending on how your body reacts to caffeine will determine whether or not it is a good idea for you to drink coffee at night or not. For some people it will keep them up all night. I’m quite sensitive to the effects of caffeine and will be up forever if I have even a soda in the evening. Not being able to fall asleep because you’ve had too much coffee is not fun at all. Since I know that I can’t have caffeine, but I love coffee, I always have decaf coffee on hand incase I have guests. I can get my coffee maker going at night for a good cup of decaf if the need arises.

If I’m not at home and my own coffee maker isn’t handy then I like to stop into to Dunkin Donuts for a cup of decaf. Their decaf coffee tastes just like their regular, but it’s not full of caffeine and won’t keep me up all night. Their decaf iced coffee is also delicious when it is summer time or the whether is warm enough that you don’t want a hot beverage.

Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee beans and removing it is a complex process. I picture it like they set up a giant sieve that filters out the caffeine from the liquid coffee. This might seem like a strange process since you can buy the decaf beans whole, so it must actually be something to do with the beans not the liquid coffee itself. I don’t really care how they do it as long as I can have my coffee at night I’m happy!

Sometimes I worry that if I ask for a decaf when I’m away from my own kitchen, that they will give me a regular cup instead. Since I keep decaf at my own house I can relax and make my own cup of coffee. I also worry I may get some decaf when I really need full strength in the morning. You know when you need to wake up you just have to have the right caffeine filled cup of java! Hopefully this won’t happen! No matter what, I’ll always love my coffee.

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