Making Photo Coffee Mugs

Remember, even though a picture may be worth a thousand words, you really just need a few to make a fabulous personalized photo coffee mug for one special. That is to say, you need the PERFECT photo to make the perfect mug. Even although photo mugs are popular because they're practical, yours just won't get used every day if the photo itself is, well, boring or poor quality.

So, a little time spent choosing the best try makes all the difference. Here are ten tips to help you decide on a great photo.

Photo Selection Tips and Ideas

Photos should be a least resolution of 1024x768. Smaller resolution pictures may look okay when viewed online, but will appear blurry or jagged printed. Not all pictures will have a big impact. Remember the surface of the mug is curved so your image are able to likely wrap around. If you pick a photo provided a lot of detail, most of it will be lost when the person can't see the whole image at one time. Choose alternatively big bold images that focus on just one thing: a face or an object for example. If your handy with photo editing software, "cut out" your main image and paste it onto a white background. Most photo mugs are white so your photo will really pop. Baby or child photos should be close-ups and cropped tightly to the face. Cropping removes all other distractions in the photo so that the focus is on the face. Old black and grey or antique family photos can be scanned and saved as JPEG image files and afterward imported as the image for a mug. Use the online ideas to obtainable on the photo mug web site to choose distressed photo edges or add old-fashioned photo corners. Kids art, like paintings and coloring, can be scanned and saved as JPEG files and then imported as an image. Pet photos should be close-ups and cropped tightly. Summer cottages, cabins, or any outdoor scene might be framed with the surrounding landscape to give a sense of place. Take your highest quality outdoor nature shots when the seasons are most dramatic. For example, snowy covered trees, fall colors, and bright palette of spring gardens. Family portraits would be cropped so as to remove other distracting elements. The focus when be on the group. Funny faces. Everyone mugs for the camera now and at that time (pun intended) so put those funny face photos to good use! Crop these kinds of faces tightly. Finally, create a set of mugs, each with a different face. Presto, a set of 2, 4, 6 or more mugs for the grandparents, featuring each one of their grandchildren. They'll sttink it!

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