Make Green Mountain Coffee Your Choice

Make Green Mountain Coffee Your Choice

The Green Mountain Coffee company was formed in the beautiful Vermont mountains as a small coffee cafe. Not too long after the company first opened their doors, the demand for their top quality brews grew so quickly that they were forced to expand beyond the four walls of their small cafe, and soon became the multi-million dollar mail order coffee business. The e company has been providing the coffee needs of the United States since 1981. Offering everything from specialty coffee roasters to fresh ground organic coffee.

Constant Supply of Coffee

Even though their coffee may be wonderful, the company has never quite received the status of its well known counterpart, Starbucks. Though without having the superstar status of the Seattle coffee chain, Green Mountain Coffee has been quietly winning the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. They are offering everything from specialty coffee roasters to organic coffee blends, the company has even branched into a monthly, mail order coffee club that will make sure coffee lovers are always supplied or will not having to go without their favorite brew.

Creating A Better World - One Cup At A Time

The company is not only offering organic coffee to help better serve the world. The company is also good Samaritan to dozens of charities and charitable causes; including the March of Dimes, the Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont, and the United States Olympic Committee. The Green Mountain Coffee company in an effort to do even more for the environment has even been instrumental in organizing river clean up days in their local area; doing their part to help keep the Winooski River clean.

A special Wildlife Blend coffee has created the company in addition to their efforts in their local Vermont community. This special blend is organically grown under canopies of trees native to the areas of Mexico and Peru where they are grown; and which provide homes to the many native birds which help to keep the bugs away from the plants, thus eliminating the need for pesticide use. This special blend was formed in conjunction with the National Wildlife Federation.

It doesn't matter whatever your tastes in coffee, and whatever your coffee needs are, it the Green Mountain Coffee company has a little bit of something for everyone. Their prices are more than reasonable, you can also order a catalogue simply by going to their website. If you or someone you know happens to a coffee lover, check out the Green Mountain Coffee company today!

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