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Countless people everyday seek the luxury of fresh roasted coffee. Yet, it seems to be always just out of reach. People seem doomed to making do with supermarket 'fresh roasted' or beans from the smaller chains that claim to have 'fresh roasted' coffee. However, in reality they often order it in from the franchiser warehouse where it's been sitting for some time.

Maybe you're lucky enough to have a neighborhood coffee shop with really great coffee and genuine fresh roasted beans. However, if that is not the case, with a little work you can roast your fresh roasted coffee.

Domestic roasting machines are available they are beyond the reach of most people today. Here is an idea that may fit into your budget. It is not the best idea but it requires very little equipment. Your hot air popcorn popper can roast your coffee beans. The popper should be the kind with side vents for air induction. This kind of popcorn popper can give you great fresh roasted coffee each morning.

Hot air poppers are simple to use but you can only roast a small batch a one time. Nonetheless, this process is simple enough to make great coffee. A popper using side vents for heat induction seems to be the safest for roasting beans. The other kinds of poppers, with bottom vents can chaff the beans and even cause them to catch fire.

In order to use your hot air popper to roast your beans make certain that you're in a ventilated area such as an open window. Good lighting is a must also. You need to see the color of the roasting beans. Put the plastic hood on the popper, and make certain the butter dish is installed. Place a bowl under the exit chute to collect the beans as they're blown from the popper. Within three minutes, you ought to hear a cracking noise as the beans roast. You'll see fragrant smoke coming from the machine. For a light roast you'll need four minutes. A little darker roast requires five minutes. Six and one half minutes will yield a roast that many customers call French roast. Remember, because beans are hot they will continue to roast after you take them from the machine so, they should appear slightly lighter in color than will be their final finish.

Cool your beans by pouring them between two aluminum colanders. Do this in a back and forth motion until the beans have completely cooled. Now pour the coffee beans into an airtight glass jar but do not seal it tightly for about twelve hours. That's because carbon dioxide has to be vented. Your fresh roasted coffee is perfect to drink four hours to a day after it's been roasted. Keep you roasted coffee from harsh sunlight. Do not put it into the fridge or freezer and your freshly roast coffee it will stay fresh five days.

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