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Coffee from Brazil is very famous, and for a good reason. It's amazing!

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, but it's not really considered as the best quality coffee producer. Newer blends are starting to change this, and if it catches on Brazil could be seen as a quality producer of coffee.

The latest Brazil blend includes a fantastic mix of acidic and full dark bodily flavor. This is a wonderful coffee to brew in your coffee maker, just remember to drink it before it gets cold.


These beans aren't grown in the USA, however they are blends which are designed for an American taste. These are specifically designed to be drunk at breakfast. They are subtle and not too overpowering.

These blends of coffee are a mix of medium roasted Columbian beans and Central American beans. These are not over powering but at the same time taste nice.

Steep & Brew sell a nice coffee option which tastes a little fruity. You can get blends of coffee which are suitable for many different things.


This is where coffee is thought to of originally come from, they are always improving the ways in which they produce their beans.

One coffee producer produces a very dark coffee with a fruity tang which some people love. Other regions produce dry beans which are full of flavor.

If you want the beans to make an espresso then you should consider the Belle Espresso as these are perfect for espressos. The beans are blended from five regions which creates an interesting brew.


This may be small however they produce a lot of coffee. Nicaragua coffee has a lovely smell and full bodied taste. This will make you long for your next cup!


This is another popular coffee producing country, many of these beans are fruity and flowered. The taste is a little acidic and tastes like a dream!


If you love coffee then you should find a reason to visit Hawaii! The Java Berry estate is a wonderful trip! They offer blends of berries which have a full bodied flavor. If you like to drink your coffee straight then you should get this coffee.

Sumatra Not everyone appreciates the taste of Indonesian coffee. It is much more expensive than it used to be due to the natural disasters. It has a natural tartness which you either love or you hate!

If you love coffee then you should check out the organic Sumatra reserve. This tastes a little like chocolate and is much sweeter than other blends of coffee. Although it was grown in a jungle you would be excused for thinking it was from a tropical island!

Where ever you live, if you like coffee then use it as an excuse to see a bit more of the world! Go all around the world looking at and tasting exquisite cups of coffee, what could be better than that?

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