Love Or Hate Starbuck Espresso

What's wrong with me? When matters come down to business I can't seem to think straight. I mean there was the concept of taco plate at first, now opening franchises of various coffee shops. These ideas were in my head for a long time. Initiator of these could have been me. This shows that when you come up with an idea, act on it before someone else beats you to it. Someone out there like Joe Shmoe, just sitting there in his living room can make the first decisive move. You might have the next revolutionary right inside your head. So take my advice people, when you think you have a potentially great idea, don't wait around just act on it immediately.

You will either love or hate the espresso of Starbuck. Being the largest in the market of coffee shop franchises one might automatically be led to believe that only its competitors will hate it but that perception would be incorrect. Take my own dad for example. He's not related to the coffee makers in anyway - directly or indirectly. But he hates Starbuck's Coffee. Their Java bean coffee blend has nothing to do with his dislike. Oh no. Their nonsupport our soldiers because they don't condone war have everything to do with it. Everyone have their own way of looking at things. Irrespective of the fact that they are one of the major players in this sector, this stand might cost them some serious bucks. Most of Middle America throws a tantrum every time some business house or the other responds to the nations battles negatively. Like they want to give the impression that would like to enjoy all the perks of living in America but when the going gets tough like battles for our freedom, they don't want anything to do with it. That crosses the line. I would like to have a lot of money without doing any work but wait! Then I'll be left with nothing what so ever. It all comes down to integrity in the end. You might be the best in the business but that doesn't mean that you are every ones choice.

If any of you out there, come up with a chain of coffee shop franchises that might throw oh-high-and-mighty Starbuck's out in the streets, let me know. I'll make a good contribution to the achievement. I crave my java in the morning like everyone else but I would like to obtain it form a company that has some integrity and morals.

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