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Probably the most famous and popular drink in the entire world, coffee is presently prepared in hundreds of ways all over the globe. Should you go in restaurant and check the menu for a coffee, you'll definitely be at a loss about what to choose, particularly if you don't have something specific in mind. For serving each type of coffee, a special kind of coffee cup is used. To give a simple but illustrative example here let's consider espresso for instance; this is usually served in a small coffee cup, due to the fact that it is probably the strongest kind you could have. A larger coffee cup allows room enough for adding something else in it to enhance the flavor: milk, rum, whiskey, cream and so on.

Whether you use a coffee cup with a brand name on it, or simple porcelain mugs, coffee drinking makes part of a process some even label as ritual; hence, there are some rules to be followed when you serve coffee to your guests. First of all, a coffee cup should look appealing and inviting; adding a decorative item such as a green mint leaf on the saucer will have a very pleasant aesthetic effect. Don't forget to also offer a glass of water next to the coffee cup, some people actually prefer it after a strong flavor. Furthermore, experts say that no sugar should be added in the coffee during the preparation.

Everybody is free to add as many lumps in the coffee cup as it suits his or her taste, consequently, serving it too sweet or too bitter is definitely a mistake, make it black, that's the best way to please all tastes. The same observation stays valid for the cream and milk one may add beforehand, which is not advisable either unless we're talking about some special type of coffee; however, what you could do to make the coffee cup seem even more inviting is to serve some cookies with it. Make sure that they are not too sweet, as the most intense taste should be that of coffee, not to mention that sugary snacks make coffee taste bitter.

If you want to surprise a friend or a dear one whom you know to be a great coffee lover, you may easily choose to offer him / her a personalized coffee cup. The best way to get it is by turning to a specialized company in the field which actually inscribes the text of your choice on high quality porcelain. Moreover, presenting a personalized coffee cup within a whole set, will make the gift even more unique and funny; every time your friend will drink coffee he / she will have you in mind.

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