International Coffee and the Magnificent Brews

Here is a brief review of coffee and some of the distinct international tastes:

Brazil: Coffee from Brazil is world-renowned for the basic reason that it is superb coffee, particularly the Brazil Bourbon Santos. In fact, Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee beans yet has not always been known for its top quality coffee. The Brazil Bourbon Santos is named after the creator's birthplace, an island known once known as Bourbon but now referred to as Reunion. With the right balance of dark body and bitter acids, this aromatic brew will bring out the hidden South American romance in anyone.

America: Although not grown in the United States, several coffee blends have become a distinct part of the American style. It is meant to complement a traditional breakfast. These brews are often from medium ground, medium-roasted Central American or Columbian beans and act as a compliment with its smooth, delicate-bodied nature.

For a fruity option, try the Steep & Brew or the Flying Goat's Madrugada blend whereas the Supreme Bean is a chocolate, sweet blend that is the perfect complement to a plate of pancakes.

Ethiopia: As the legendary home to the Arabica tree, Ethiopia is making progress as a producer of a quality brew. For instance, the Coffee Klatch from the Yirgacheffe area is a very dark coffee with a fruit overtone and is best for those preferring a bolder brew. The Sidamo region's Counter Culture is made of a dry-processed coffee bean that depicts a taste taking the sampler to thoughts of its sunny home.

Coffee Klatch's Belle Espresso may be the perfect selection for those coffee drinkers who prefer a more subtle flavor in their espresso. Enjoying a combination of five different regions, this espresso profile is nothing short of complex yet captivating.

Nicaragua: The Madriz and the Terroir Coffee are two blends from this small yet mighty Central American coffee powerhouse. Both will be a welcomed addition to any table with samplers likely asking for a second cup thanks to the full-bodied and magnificent bouquet of taste.

Panama: Thanks to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a small roaster in Portland, Oregon, coffee lovers have been introduced to the best of Panama. The coffee bean from the Don Pachi Estate can be ground and brewed to perfection in a French press, while the light, fruity brew from beans of the Geisha trees in the Boquete region go down delightfully smooth.

Hawaii: Here, you can enjoy the blend of Kona Peaberry and Kona Extra Fancy, both offering the coffee drinker a smooth, fully flavored balance. These blends originating from Java Berry Black Estate Reserve are perfect for those who prefer coffee straight.

Sumatra: The rather tart coffee of Indonesia is not for everyone and is now more expensive due to the recent tsunamis. But, the Organic Sumatra Reserve is a must for coffee aficionados. With a slight taste of chocolate, this medium-bodied brew is much sweeter than the average blend. Its fruity overtones and thick aroma send off a tropic, South Pacific character initiating thoughts of the ocean and a refreshing cool breeze.

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