How To Properly Store Beans

Dried beans are a great food to have around. They are an excellent source of protein and store well right in your pantry. If you need to come up with a filling meal without having to go grocery shopping first, these dried beans are the way to go.

Dried beans are cheap, filling and healthy. They are a great alternative to making more expensive meat dishes which has become a lot more important in our house with the recent rise of produce and meat prices. Using dried beans helps me spent less at the grocery store.

I like to take the various beans and lentils I get at the store out of their original container. Next I take the time to go ahead and sort them. It doesn't take long and saves me time when I am ready to cook the beans later.

The easiest way to sort beans is to spread them out on a table or large cookie sheet. This will allow you to quickly pick through them and take out any beans that don't look right and of course any little rock that may have gotten in there. Not it's time to find a permanent storage container for the beans. Glass jars or plastic containers with tight fitting lids are both good options as are plastic bags that will close. You main goal is to keep your beans as dry as possible. Once you've found an appropriate container, store them on a shelf in your pantry or a kitchen cabinet until you are ready to use them.

Dry lentils, beans and peas will last longest at room temperature. That makes your refrigerator or freezer a bad storage solution.

Don't forget to properly label your container after you add the beans to it. Many varieties of beans look pretty similar. I like to not the type of bean as well as the date when I bought them. This allows me to use the older ones first when I have more than one container of beans on the shelf.

Take a look at the bag your beans came in originally. Sometimes you will see some cooking tips and recipes printed on there. If you find the information useful, write it down and keep it in a cookbook or with your beans.

I keep quite a few different varieties of beans around, but we also eat them quite frequently. Because of this beans don't usually sit in my pantry for more than a year. But it's good to know that they will last for about 30 years properly stored.

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