Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

It has been scientifically proved that coffee can fight fatigue that is why millions of people across the world drink coffee to fight tiredness. Coffee can actually helps to improve mental performance, elevates and improves mood and also boosts physical energy. So how this coffee actually works? According to researches from the MIT, the compound 'caffeine' present in the coffee is considered to be a mind acceleration mood booster which increases the mental performance. The compound caffeine stimulates the attention span, reaction time, concentration and acuity with numbers. Even a small amount of caffeine, about 32 mg in a five ounce cup of coffee can give you a large amount of energy and mental boost. Caffeine can actually move to your brain within 25 to 30 minutes and lasts unto six hours. So here is an interesting and useful tip: Drink coffee before your meals for more energy boost up and fights fatigue much better.

Drinking coffee can also cut men's gallstone risk, just four cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of developing gallstones by 45 percent. Based on a study of 46,000 men between the age group 40 to 70, who consumed coffee regularly had no risk of gallstone disease compared to those men who did not consume coffee on regular basis. Men who consume about two to three cups of regular coffee per day had a 40 percent lesser risk of developing gallstone disease than non-Java drinkers and those who take four or more cups per day had a 45 percent lower risk. Regular intake of coffee may also protect you against liver cirrhosis, according to a research in Italy, United States and Japan; consuming coffee at least 3 to 4 cups per day will help to reduce the risk of cirrhosis of liver by 80 percent when compared to those people who don't consume coffee at all.

Coffee is also very much effective in reducing the risk of cancers in digestive track. Coffee is known to give a protective effect against cancer of colon. In a recent meta-analysis, on coffee intake; the colorectal cancer is 24 percent lower when compared to those who drink rarely or no coffee at all. The most possible explanations for lower risk of colorectal cancer among heavy coffee consumers is that, coffee enhances colonic activity induced by the compound present in the coffee and that anti-mutagenic components present in it also help a lot. Caffeine also inhibits the cancer causing effect of various microorganisms.

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