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Many people think that True lovers of coffee will always drink it straight, but actually they couldn't be further from the truth. There are more choices when it comes to coffee than there are wine. There are many different ways to enjoy drinking coffee - just grind it, and brew it, in your favorite type of coffee machine.

Blenders are very creative and can produce exciting tastes of coffee which weren't previously available. Indonesian blends are particularly popular as these combine Sumatran and Papua New Guinea beans which can create a nice delicious cup of coffee. Few people even knew that Papua New Guinea grew coffee.

Sumatra beans are mixed with plenty of other beans. There is a half and half mix of these beans with Colombian patron which produces a smoky dark roast ground which brews a lovely cup!

Flavorings can be added to the coffee to make it a little different. Vanilla, Almond or cherry can be added to coffee in order to make it less acidic and sweeter. Bananas and hazelnuts find themselves right at home with coffee and can improve the taste of a standard Robusta quite considerably.

If you want to make a mocha then there are a variety of different types of chocolates which you can use and will improve the taste of the bean.

There are so many different variations possible with coffee, it's amazing. Your choices are limited only by your imagination, pretty much whatever you want is possible. Plenty of liquors and alcohol can be added to coffee to make it so much more inviting.

Jamaican coffee is full bodied and has a solid base which is suitable to add pears, brown sugar and rum to. Instead of run you could add brandy for a little bit of a change.

Cocoa goes very well with coffee it is a favorite among coffee lovers. Cocoa and coffee are a delicious combination whether they are hot or cold. Mexican coffee and cocoa make a very interesting drink.

If you think that's as far as coffee has gone then you'd be wrong. You can even buy frozen cappuccino that is lovely for a hot day if you don't feel like your regular cup. Try mixing this ice drink with some chocolate mint flavors for a little extra uniqueness.

There are also decaf options available, I'm not quite sure why people would want these but they do exist. You can buy decaf blends of all the major and popular types of coffee, you are in no means limited in your choices.

Most of the time a nutty bean indicates coffee of a poor quality, however this does not have to be the case if making macadamia coffee.

Coffee is a very versatile product and can be used in a number of different ways. Just don't get too upset when you find out that a normal cup of coffee isn't enough to satisfy you anymore!

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