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Growth of coffee effectively and efficiently happens in the regions, between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, where there is abundant rainfall, round the year with temperatures averaging around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and having no frost. The ideal height required to grow coffee tree is 6500 ft and above. After plantation, it takes five years to get full crop of beans which continues for another fifteen years. The most important factor for coffee growth is soil warmth. This requires an optimum humidity of about 90%. The field soil must be well aerated as the roots requires abundant amount of oxygen.
Raising and planting coffee plant starts up with the collection of ripe coffee cherry, remove the outside viscous substance. The seed is then planted with or without the drying process. The small seedlings obtained in the green house are then planted in the field. Usually four different methods are employed in harvesting coffee. First is the stripping method. In this method, all the cherries, flowers etcetera, are removed by hand. The second method uses comb to brush the trees. This separates all the ripped cherries from the unripped one and leaves. The third process uses a mechanical agitator fixed to the trunk of the tree. This agitator, due to the vibration loosens the ripped cherries and makes them to fall on the ground. The fourth method is a bit expensive. The reason behind this is that it requires hand picking the cherries when they become ripe. This process requires repeatability.
Maintenance of the coffee crop is very essential. It cannot be involved as other activities in processing coffee. If the crop is in an area where annual rainfall needs to be increased by irrigation, there is no irrigation need for the crop. As with any agricultural operation usual weed and pest control measures must be taken along with Fertilizers to ensure that the crop receives the proper required nutrients.
The most important in a maintenance program is trimming of coffee trees. It is done for several reasons. First, to maintain the size and appearance of the bush for ease of maintenance and to allow for harvest. Next is to encourage the production. Economics play a role in growing coffee. The use of machinery increases the maintenance and fuel costs. Steep slopes and hills make it difficult for machines to operate. In such regions where machinery is too expensive or unreliable, more labor is required. This increases the labor cost. In some cases, labors are often underpaid for the work they are performing.

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