Great Ways To Use Coffee Grounds

You know that you love to drink coffee every day. You've probably also realized that nothing wakes you up like the fresh brewed aroma of coffee as it percolates first thing in the morning. However, did you realize that in addition to being your favorite drink, and start to your morning routine, that there are a number of household uses that you can use coffee for? Well, not exactly your fresh brewed pot, but the coffee grounds.

Many people simply discard grounds after they are through brewing and drinking a fresh pot, however there are a number of different uses that you can find for coffee grounds.

First, coffee grounds make great mulch and are a wonderful addition to the garden. You can simply sprinkle used grounds around your favorite plants and shrubs. They are especially excellent for use on rose bushes and azaleas. Also, if you have a compost pile, you should make an effort to add your coffee grounds to the pile. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients and will help add value to your compost pile.

Next, you'll find that grounds are a natural insect repellent. They are very effective on reducing the amount of ants in a location, and if you have ant mounds or hills, you can simply sprinkle coffee grounds on the anthill to deter them.

You can re steep coffee grounds by adding boiling water to them and straining them. With the liquid, you can dye things as well as use the liquid for furniture scratches. Simply brush or apply the coffee liquid to the scratched surface area. Once you have created a coffee dye, there are many things that you can use the dye for. If you like you can create parchment paper by dipping paper in they dye, you can dye Easter eggs, or even clothing.

Finally, you may find it hard to believe but the most effective use for grounds, may be the least well known. Coffee grounds remove cellulite! It's true! If you look at expensive cellulite remover creams for women, you'll find that coffee is an ingredient. Celebrities have known this secret for many years. Just mix some used warm coffee grounds with olive oil or your favorite lotion and apply it to problem areas. The coffee actually penetrates the skin and causes cellulite to break up. Rinse off, and your skin will be smooth, soft, and cellulite free.

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