Gourmet Coffee Drinks Are Delicious And Invigorating!

You are hooked as you stop every day at the local coffee shop and order a latte or other gourmet coffee drink. You have been alternating between ordering hot and cold beverages when you go. This gives you an opportunity to try the many different flavors that are sold there. Did you that there are literally hundreds of different flavors that you can try?

If you are looking for a real treat, try ordering special gourmet coffee drinks. Coffee beans are grown throughout the world and you can have coffee from the Middle East, America, Asia, Africa and even from Hawaii.

The different types and flavors are particular to each growing area and are influenced by 6 important elements: soil, altitude, sunshine, cloud cover, rain and slope.

So, you now know a little more about where the coffee is grown but what is really the trend behind gourmet coffee drinks? Is it the coffee itself or the amazing sweet flavored syrups, the steamed milk, the whipped cream or the little shavings of chocolate and other flavoring added to the top?

Many believe that you should start with a flavored coffee in order to create a great gourmet coffee drink. Some of the more popular flavors are:

* Amaretto Supreme - almonds and almond flavored liqueur.
* Apricot Creme - fruit flavored.
* Butter Rum - buttery rum flavored.
* Caramel Creme - old fashioned caramel.
* Cinnamon Viennese - spicy cinnamon flavor.
* Cookies and Creme - Oreo cookie flavored.
* French Vanilla - sweet flavor of vanilla.
* Hazelnut Creme - classic nut flavor.
* Irish Creme - flavor of a famous liqueur.
* Southern Pecan - a classic flavor of the South.
* Ultimate Chocolate - a favorite for chocolate lovers.

Others believe that the right coffee is only the beginning. You also need to grind your own coffee beans so that they are always fresh and to make the flavor pop when you brew it. Your final gourmet coffee beverage will only be as good as your coffee pot can make itâ€"especially since coffee is the main ingredient in these drinks.

No matter what flavor of gourmet coffee you start with, the other ingredients you add will enhance the flavor of your freshly made cup of gourmet coffee. Do not skim on your other ingredients. Purchase a good brand of the flavored sweet syrup and real whipping cream from a can. Invest in a milk steamer to properly heat the milk to the correct temperature. Now, put all of your ingredients together into a drink that will thrill and delight your friends and family-great gourmet coffee at home, any time of the day or night.

So whether you make it a hot cup or a cold frozen delight, sit back and enjoy the experience. Share your drinks with your family and friends-you will never have to think twice about having a special gourmet coffee drink if you can make it yourself at home.

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