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From the many companies in the coffee business, not many can boast with the history and the tradition Folgers coffee has not just in North America, but worldwide. With its origins going back to the 19th century, Folgers coffee saw the making of one of the biggest concerns in American history. Presently there are eight types of coffee available under the Folgers brand, almost all of them enjoying a decaf version too; here we could mention Coffeehouse Series, Classic Roast, Instant Coffees, Flavored Coffee and so on. All varieties have their fans, so that it is impossible to say which of them is the most popular, not to mention that there are also all sorts of additional drinks made of Folgers coffee as well.

Receiving incredible boosts from advertising campaigns both online and on TV, Folgers coffee ad creators make slogans that actually stick to your mind. The best one that comes to the coffee drinker's mind is that with the happy mornings Folgers coffee triggers; they are cheerful and lively, so that you can almost feel the energy a strong coffee can stimulate in your body. However, Folgers coffee does not rely uniquely on promotion campaigns to remain on top, as quality standards are closely monitored to make sure that the best kind of coffee gets to the user.

The official Folgers site helps visitors make up their mind which Folgers coffee best suits them; a special tool such as the roast meter is used to find out the coffee intensity that best suits you. For instance, anyone who'd like a strongly flavored, well-roasted drink should choose Gourmet Supreme Folgers coffee. On the other hand, if your taste goes more towards a mellow roast, then the Breakfast Blend should work for you. Furthermore, on the Folgers site you can find all sorts of recipes to prepare special coffee drinks as well as tips for great coffee making.

As for the Folgers coffee flavors, there are four varieties to choose from: vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and cinnamon. They all offer a different experience of what it means to combine the taste of well-roasted coffee beans and sweet flavors; other drinks can be prepared by using such Folgers coffee varieties in association with milk, cream or a little rum too. The good part is that you can be just as creative as you like, serving innovative coffee drinks at day or in the evening. Enjoy every sip!

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