Excellent Coffee Drinks To Spoil Yourself With

With coffee being one of the most popular drinks all over the world, there's no wonder that there are a great deal of combinations that use it together with other flavors for some of the most delicious of results. Just as coffee has become an important ingredient in many types of dessert, the same observation can be made about the large number of coffee drinks that are served in bars, restaurants or in the coziness of your home. Here are a few suggestions about how to make some excellent coffee drinks to spoil yourself with or to impress family and friends at parties.

One of the most frequent coffee drinks relies on the combined effect of caffeine and alcohol, with the impact of the latter drastically reduced. Some great beverages are based on coffee and rum or cream liqueur varieties; chocolate also works great in the combination, particularly the dark kind, with at least 55% cocoa content. All you need to do is prepare some fresh coffee and add the rum or liqueur as well as the hot chocolate and mix them. The best way to serve it is warm, and you may also feel like adding a little cream for both the aesthetic effect and the taste it gives to such coffee drinks.

Among the large number of coffee drinks that are served in pubs and restaurants, we also need to mention a the sugar-caramel latte that also works great for home making. The best type of sugar to be used for the matter is cane brown sugar; add it in some milk while stirring with a whisk, then pour coffee and caramel sauce continuing to mix the combination. From the coffee drinks you may have tried, this one really works great either served cold or warm, not to mention that it is both tasty and easy to prepare.

Amaretto is one more of the many coffee drinks worth mentioning here; it mainly relies on the flavor and properties of very strong coffee, served hot in combination with whipped cream, or milk froth. You may add sugar depending on the taste, but the sweeter you make it, the more likely it is that the coffee flavor should fade. The latest trend in bars is to serve this kind of coffee drinks in wine glasses, preferably with a straw, otherwise you may enjoy drinking it with a mustache and have fun with your friends.

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