Espresso Coffee Pods Make Brewing Easy

Those of us that love coffee or espresso based drinks there is a revolution going on to make it a whole lot easier. No one likes rushing to your local coffee house when you want an espresso, not to mention the expense builds pretty quickly as well. How ever making the drinks at home might be cheaper, but it's pretty darn messy and the clean up takes some time. Measuring out the right amount of espresso, getting it into the machine, then washing it all after the fact. Whew getting tired just thinking about it all.
Good news, there is a happy medium between heading to your local barista and making a flavorful drink at home. Espresso coffee pods are a new technological break threw in the coffee world that allows you to create wonderful espresso and coffee based drinks without the prep work or the clean up. Not to mention it won't have you breaking into your piggy bank each time you want one.

What Is An Espresso Coffee Pod?

Like a pre-packaged coffee filter with the grounds already inside an espresso pod is two pieces of filter paper, with espresso or coffee grounds sandwiched between them. Approximately 2 inches around they are used in your home coffee or espresso machine to reduce the need for messy coffee grounds every where or paper filters. You drop in your espresso or coffee pod and your ready to brew. Clean up is even easier, without any paper filters full of grounds to dispose of you just take the pod out toss it away and rinse out the machine.


If you have an espresso maker already you're set. Most espresso pods are designed to work with pre-existing equipment so there's no need to go out and purchase anything new. Using a pod just makes the whole work up and brewing process a lot faster. If you're just shopping for an espresso maker, but didn't like the looks of how much work went into making a drink each time worry not. Using espresso pods makes it ten times easier and faster. Owning an espresso machine is now both cost and time efficient.

As popularity increases around coffee pods you should find that most of your favorite brands and flavors are available in pod form. Starbucks to nestle coffee are beginning to package coffee and espresso this way. They save you time, and ensure top quality. Wondering how much grounds or coffee beans to use will be no more, reduce the questioning in brewing a good cup of espresso and get into coffee pods the wave of coffee future.

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