Creating A Coffee Gift Basket

If you're shopping for a unique gift for that special coffee connoisseur on your shopping list, then a customized coffee gift basket may be just the ticket. You can purchase a coffee gift basket from a business that specializes in gift baskets, or you can create one yourself. Creating one yourself is quite easy. Simply put a number of coffee related gifts inside some type of decorative basket or container. The choice is up to you, and will depend on both your level of creativity and your budget constraints. Pre-made coffee gift baskets can be found at many department stores, gourmet food shops, or at your favorite café.

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

If you are the creative type and prefer to arrange your own coffee gift basket for that special someone on your gift list, you can begin your ensemble with a unique coffee mug or travel mug that suits the taste and style of your intended recipient. Coffee mugs can be found in all shapes, colors and sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your gift basket. Keep in mind that most coffee lovers prefer coffee mugs that are large enough to hold an ample amount of their favorite brew, but if you are buying specifically for an expresso lover, a demitasse cup may be a better choice. If the coffee lover drinks their favorite brew while commuting to work in the morning, be sure to include a travel mug in the basket as well.

Once you have selected the coffee mug to include in your coffee gift basket, it is time to move on to the type of brews that you will put in it. The art of selecting the perfect coffee beans can be a science in itself, so be prepared for some tough decision making at the coffee shop. When in doubt, a blend that is categorized as "mild" to "medium" is usually a safe choice for almost any coffee drinker. If your gift recipient likes grinding his own beans, then bags filled with whole beans will keep better until used. You can also have your local coffee shop grind the beans you choose for you, but you will need to let them know what type of filter and coffee maker they are grinding them for.

Some Simple Additions

Once you have added the basics to your coffee gift basket, it is time to add a few special "extras", such as flavored syrup for making luscious lattes or a bag of chocolate coffee beans for crunching with a steaming cup. Other great choices are a flavored cream, a package of biscotti, or a set of chocolate covered spoons. Put all of your selections together in a decorative basket lined with a colorful tissue or cellophane, and add a big bow and gift tag as the finishing touch. The coffee lover in your social circle is sure to be delighted with such a delicious and customized treat!

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