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Now, the very first thing you need to know is that commercial coffee maker,e.g. Keurig B3000 or Nescafe Lioness H5 that are being used for offices, is free. That means, if you have it in the office, you would not have to pay for it, unless you are the boss!:)

So, now the focus becomes how to get the commercial coffee maker into the office. Not an easy task, given the shrinking profit margin due to lousy exchange rate and rising cost of goods. And having a coffee machine is an additional expense, something that the management does not think would add to the bottom line of the company.

And it is this bottom line that would be our life saver, the one single component that we would use to convince management that the commercial coffee maker's expense does indeed improves the bottom line!

Bring these points across and segment it into 3 main pointers: Team work, Morale and productivity. These 3 elements gives you a better work force that is loyal and willing to go the extra mile (say it with some zeal, practice it before presenting to management)

1. Team work

Ask the boss this: do you want a project that can bring the whole department together? Trust me, you would get a resounding YES.

Then tell him the plan to start a pantry project to bring in a commercial coffee maker to better the welfare of the department. Sell on the points of how everyone is working together to better the welfare and how this would be the stage for future collaboration.

If he/she buys the pitch at this point, stop and proceed to "plan" and "team work" for the commercial coffee maker. If he/she is still hesitant, move on to the next point.

2. Morale

Other than the team work, this is a project that the employees are doing for themselves. The bosses can take this opportunity to highlight and impress on the employees, that the management cares for their welfare by providing them a pantry with this commercial coffee maker.

And nothing lingers on more by being exposed to it for a long period of time. Getting involved in a project to get the commercial coffee maker for themselves, the employees would be continually be reminded on the point that the "management cares".

This is usually something that the bosses want, a group of loyal employees that knows the bosses care for them. At this point, you should get the coffee machine approval.

He/she is still considering? Man...time to use point 3 that should do the trick.
3. Productivity

Highlight to the boss that everyone goes for coffee break and he/she has a choice of an employee taking the break in the office or across the street in a Starbucks.

Time savings would be at least 15 minutes. Employees generally spent lesser time taking break in office, with various factors such as people are watching, saves on the traveling time and bosses might be around.

Given that each employee has 2 breaks, that would be 30 minutes savings. Based on an executive pay of $50/hour, that would be $25 savings for a day, $125 productivity dollars saved per week or $6500 per year!

Using the productivity variable with shrewd costing should get you the commercial coffee maker, and your next headache would be which coffee makers to purchase to get the best coffee experience in office!

Oh, just in case, all 3 techniques did not succeed in getting that coffee maker, then you should still be pleased!

Imagine, there you are enjoying a cuppa from Starbucks knowing that the time is paid by the company at a cost of approximately $6500/year or more!:)

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