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For those of you who hate coffee for reasons I can’t possibly understand there here is something you may like. My wife on occasion makes home crafts and the thing she makes that I like the most are her coffee scents. This is so simple yet very appealing, and the cost is under $20.00. Here is what she does. She takes a large glass bowl and fills it with whole coffee beans. This part is up to you. My personal favorite is the Sumatran Dark Roast, but my wife likes vanilla flavored coffee instead. She then gets a vanilla scented candle and lights the candle and places it in the middle of the bowl full of beans. When the candle wax hits the coffee beans the room starts to smell like Vanilla Coffee. It is a relaxing smell that lingers for hours, and our guests love it. My wife even sends them as gifts, and our family and friends really do love it.

A Coffee Can Grill
Let’s say you have kids and you are going camping. Did you know that your used coffee cans could be used as a grill? Yes! A coffee can grill! Let me explain. The first thing you do is take an empty coffee can and wash it inside and out. Then dry it completely. Take a can opener that you would use to open a can of juice, and start punching triangle holes every 1 inches to allow for venting. Take the plastic lid and place it over the side you just punched to prevent it from getting dirty. Pack a candle (unscented) about 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall. This is a cool project for the kids. When you set up your campsite and are ready to eat light the candle and remove the plastic lid from the coffee can. Then place the can over the candle and let it sit for about 7 minutes. Place a ground beef patty, or hamburger patty on top and cook it the way you like it, and "Presto!" You have just used your disposable coffee can grill. My kids love it!

An Under The Hood Blower
If you have teenage boys that are ready to drive then listen to this cool trick I did when I was 17 years old. I took a large Folgers coffee can and using a hole punch I punched a hole in the center of the can. I then emptied the coffee in the trash, because I can’t stand Folgers coffee. Then I went to the junkyard and found a fan motor with fan blades attached for a Chevy S-10 pick-up. Most of the fan motors for GM are the same, but the Chevy S-10 was what I used. I then made holes in the can for the screws that hold it in place, and the fan blades in the center. After cutting out the center with a pair of tin snips I placed the fan motor inside the can. I then took the can to my car and looked for a place on the firewall to mount it. After mounting it using a modified u-bolt made from threaded rod heated and bent I began to measure the distance from the can to my air intake. I drilled two holes in the can one at the top on the side and one in the bottom. I used silicone and a 2 PVC elbows ¾ was its size and found hoses that I ran from the can to my intake and the other I secured to the side of the firewall leaving it connected to the can only. I ran my power source to the fuse box and ran a toggle switch to the fan motor.

This was a fun project, because it challenged me every step of the way. I attached this unit to my 1973 Pontiac Lemans GTO. It had a 400 big block with Headman Headers and a Crain Fireball 2 race cam. Did I mention the 4 speed standard transmission? When I was in 4th gear I was doing about 60 mph then I flipped the toggle switch and floored it. My tires chirped and I went back in my seat. My speedometer on the car went to 120 mph. I promise you it was buried past that. I was at an old abandoned airport runway when I tried this, and I recommend not racing in any public place. It is illegal and you can hurt or even kill people. A fast automobile can be a dangerous thing. Use common sense before testing this on your car. I have to warn you if your block is made of cast aluminum you could over heat and blow a rod. My friend did this to a Ford Escort GT 1989. The head was badly warped and the bearings were fried.

Coffee cans are very useful. I have used them for storage of nuts and bolts, or any other hardware items I may have. My kids store pencils and crayons in them. Many people store childhood memories in them kind of like a time capsule.

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