Coffee - The Ideal Gift

A steaming cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best wake-up calls that a person can have. And since research shows that it ranks third right behind water and soft drinks it is sure to make an ideal gift that will be appreciated.

Drinking the flavorful brew has become a lifestyle. People get together just to enjoy conversation over a good cup of java. It is a wonderful way to just relax. Despite being a stimulant, it can actually soothe the senses because of the heat that it provides.

Unlike many other drinks it has health benefits, it is not high in calories and sugars. So for those that want a healthy lifestyle and wish the same for others, it will make an ideal gift.

Coffee is available in many different types, blends and flavors. One way to make it personal is to buy three kinds of the gourmet verity and put them in a nice basket covered with clear cellophane and dress it up with colorful ribbons and a bow. Then attach your personalized greeting card or note.

If you want to give a little larger gift, a nice addition might be a mug or two. An idea might be to get a personalized one. Some stores are able to print a picture or put their name on the mug. There are many designer mugs to choose from as well.

Yet another addition to your basket might be a book. Most coffee houses have books full of recipes and other ways coffee can be used. Since it is not just for brewing, you could include a book in your gourmet gift basket along with the gourmet blends and mugs to expand your recipients knowledge of the many uses it has in the kitchen.

You might also put in a little card on how to properly store their new delight. Your coffee house will have many of these little stuffer items to add to your special gift basket.

While at the coffee house you will find many other delightful things to consider for your gourmet gift basket. Gourmet chocolate bars, flavored syrup, stir spoons, swizzle sticks, biscotti cookies, reception sticks and mints.

There are many ways to help someone appreciate the wonders of coffee. The examples above are merely the beginning since there are also many books on how to serve it, blend it or mix it with other dishes.

If you are not sure what to put in a gift basket, most coffee houses have gift certificates. It does not matter what dollar amount. The important thing is that your recipient is sure to enjoy your gift. Not only can they enjoy it themselves, it is also something they can share with someone special or others they spend time with.

With the great tasting flavors, blends and types that are available who wouldn't want to enjoy a fresh hot cup of their favorite gourmet blend often? There is also the cappuccino with its cream and milk, perhaps make it a mocha or coffee topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. With so much variety, who can resist?

Think I will have a cup of my favorite blend right now. You should as well.

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