Coffee, The Best Way to Start Your Day!

A steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee is certainly the best way to start your day. Sipping coffee with your friends is considered the best way to start a conversation. Add to it the fact that drinking coffee has many positive effects on our health and well being. With its rich taste, appetizing smell and benefits, coffee has become a part of our modern day life.

Coffee is a beverage that is prepared from roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans from different places have their distinctive characteristics like flavor, caffeine content, body or mouth feel, and acidity. To turn the coffee berries and its seeds into roasted coffee, a lot of processing and human labor is required. The processing of coffee involves Picking, Defruiting, Drying, Sorting, Aging and Roasting.

Benefits of Consuming Coffee

The caffeine in the coffee acts as a stimulant. "Coffee Breaks" are taken during office hours to revitalize oneself. Coffee is consumed by students while preparing for exams because it makes them more alert and even boost the learning abilities and powers of reasoning. Coffee helps to improve alertness and attention and removes tiredness.

The effectiveness of painkillers, especially those taken for migraine, is increased by drinking coffee. It can rid some people of asthma.

In men, it can reduce the occurrence of gallstones and gallbladder disease. Coffee may help to reduce the risk of a number of diseases and ailments that includes Type II diabetes, Parkinson's, colon cancer, cirrhosis, depression and much more.

Coffee reduces the incidence of heart disease. Coffee represents by far the largest source of valuable antioxidants in the diet.

Coffee Recipes

A steaming cup of coffee is the best way to energize oneself. For superior taste, cold coffee with different flavors is consumed. Expresso, Doppio and Macchiato, Long Black, Caffe Freddo, Latte and Cappuccino are some of the varieties that will be a treat to your taste buds.

Healthy Coffee Recipe:
Mocha (hot) 4 servings
Ingredients: -
·2 Cups Coffee
·1/3 Cup Cocoa
·2 Cups Milk
·½ Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
·½ Cup Whipping Cream
·Dash Cinnamon

Procedure: -
·Mix milk, cocoa, sugar, and coffee in a saucepan.
·Constantly stir while medium heating until it simmers.
·Mix the vanilla after removing from heat.
·Pour it into cups and add the whipped cream and cinnamon on top.

Coffee is the early morning energizer that helps you to begin your day in high spirits. Next time when you take a "coffee break", think of its benefits, you will perhaps relish the taste even more!

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