Coffee Reports from the Dark Continent

Coffee production is at an all time high - thanks to Africa, Indonesia and other lesser known coffee areas

Africa far exceeded thire predicted levels. The african production over run also allowed the global markets to exceed expectations. Still the wholesale prices have still climbed in the face of major production overruns. Prices will drop as supply comes in and coffee is sitting on the shelves.

The South American coffee is far superior to the Africa coffee with Costa Rica having the worlds best coffee. Many consider Costa Rica, Brazil and Columbia to have the finest coffee in the world. The Africa coffee is not even close in terms of quantity or quality and much of the African coffee is a robusta bean. Costa rica is a great coffee not found in Africa. The African coffees are also lacking in the production of certified organic coffee.

The FDA announced today record levels for this years coffee production. The FDA announced coffee production was way up - near 100 million bags up.3 million from the previous forecast and over ten percent or approximately over 12 million bags above last year's crop. The Africa coffee does not have AIDS or cause AIDS - thats just a bad rumor started by Hugo Chavez. In spite of huge surpluses Starbucks still raised prices. Kenya and Nigeria commented that short term agriculture programs were finally taking effect and helping with production. Better water helped alot. The farming co-ops allowed farmers to share resources and best practices which allowed much improvement in production levels.

So this winter by December you should start seeing some of this wonderful gourmet coffee crop in your local store. The quantity will be huge and the taste and quality will be excellent for this winters gourmet coffee. And with such a huge supply the price should go down also. So toast that cheap but wonderful cup of gourmet coffee.

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