Coffee - One Of Lifes Little Treasures

After a long painful day at the office, or being stuck in a traffic jam for hours, or slogging away at the house work, or just settling in front of the television after a day in the big bad world we all seem to look for the same solution to our woes and that is to reach for the kettle and make a hot cup of coffee. Below are a couple of tips that might seem obvious but can make that soothing cuppa all the more enjoyable under the circumstances.

1/ Have your coffee pot like new.

Old left overs from previous brews will affect the taste of a new batch as well as maybe cleaning out the pot too well and a little soap residue being left belind will greatly take the shine off your much needed drink. I would reccommend a little baking soda and water for cleaning your coffee pot and cups for that matter, but sure to rinse these out considerably as this can make all the difference.

2/ Use quality water

A few years ago when you were thirsty and needed a drink of water you went to the tap and filled a glass. Those days are now unheard of with every one now buying bottled water. Due to the fact that coffee is 99% water you get the idea that the quality of the water and the quality of your coffee go hand in hand so use bottled water or else use a filter to get the water as pure as possible.If you are using filters then buy quality because cheap paper ones will leave a taste of there own which you don't want.

3/ use quality coffee beans

I know I will state the obvious but the better the quality of the coffee beans the better. It is easy and convienent to use instant coffee, hence the name, but this does take away from the experience, quality and beautiful aroma of good coffee beans. If you really want to do it right and get the fully of flavors then use whole coffe beans and grind them when needed for the total effect, and I promise you, you will kick yourself for not doing it before. To get the flavor you are looking for then experiment with different countries of origin, Columbia, Brazil and Kenya to name only a few of many all have their own distinct flavors and you might keep a few to pick from depending on your mood and preference at the time. Another coffee killer is to reheat old coffee or let it sit too long before consumption because the coffeee taste and aroma will deteriate quickly so drink your cuppa right away for that total result.

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