Coffee... My Goodness What A Drink!

Coffee; is there a more discussed drink on the planet? Wine perhaps but that is debatable but there is no doubt that a discussion about coffee can bring out the most argumentative traits in just about anyone. Hardly a day goes by it seems that a new study on it's effects has been's either good or bad for you; there doesn't seem to be any in between.

Did You Know?

Recently, a study conducted in Birmingham, England concluded that consuming large amounts of coffee actually boosted a person's memory. That "heart starter" as it is so often described first thing in the morning could actually be described as more of a "brain Kickstarter" if the results of the study can be taken literally. The study suggests that it actually increased the power of so called "gamma rhythms" in the brain thus boosting and increasing memory function. Hey, I've been saying this all along!

Coffee seems to have a two fold effect on people. For some, a shot of aroma is enough to swell the senses while for others, it's the taste. For true cafe lovers like myself, it's both! Okay, time for a confession: my mom first introduced me to the wonderful aroma and taste of coffee when I was five. Of Italian heritage, my parents loved their "brew." I can remember with great clarity that well used steel percolator roaring to a thunderous climax on our stove top several times a day. And you know what? I've carried on the family tradition. Of course, things have changed a little since then.

I still own a couple of stove top percolators but into the 21st. century, we now get the choice of any number of coffee styles. Cappucinos, lattes, espressos, flat whites, double shot espressos, gourmet... hey, somebody stop me! Not to mention the availability of the coffee machine or coffee maker to "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Consumer." It seems nearly everyone with an avid love for this little black drink has progressed to the coffee machine. And why not; relatively inexpensive and their ability to brew in a hurry is just what "the doctor ordered" for our "want it now" lifestyles.

Like wine, coffee for some is more than just hitting "pour" on the machine or revving up the steel percolator. It's become a bit of an artform. You know what I mean. Preparation of the beans... freeze the beans; don't freeze the beans; leave them at room temperature; keep the coffee in the fridge; only grind the beans just before brewing; add milk before you pour; add milk after you've poured and so on and so on. Who's right and who is wrong. Who knows? You can understand how debates get started around this most popular of drinks.

So where did coffee originate? Some believe Ethiopia while others believe it was brought to Europe by the Venetian merchants. Even others believe it originated out of the Middle East. We'll probably never know for certain but all I can say is: whoever it was that discovered coffee, here's to you!

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