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Would it surprise you that coffee makers have been around almost as long as coffee? It's true. The original coffee maker dates back to the Turkish Ibrik, a copper container with a long handle and a grooved tongue. This same exact design is still used in current times in the Middle East. The brew produced is a very strong brew since it is not filtered. The Turkish Ibrik is perfect for those who like to eat coffee grounds.

For those who are not predisposed to eating coffee grounds, there are a wide variety of other types of coffee machines available. These range from exotic to domestic. Here are a few things to look for.

1. A drip model coffee maker. These coffee makers are very inexpensive. They operate by pouring water in the top and a electric heating coil heats the water as it is filtered through coffee grounds and a filter into a heated pot.

2. The 'degree of brew desired' control - This feature is a minimum when picking out a coffee maker.

3. An auto-shutoff feature. This is a very important feature as most people leave a pot of coffee on the heater all day. This could be very dangerous as if the coffee was left on all day it could burn and catch fire. Also, Most people these days are too busy to wait for the brewing process to complete, so they remove the pot before the water has finished draining. In the past, coffee would continue to drip, splashing onto the heating plate. The automatic shut-off solves this by stopping the water flow when the pot is lifted.

4. A light illustrated display. This feature is great for those dark mornings when the light switch is hard to find.

5. Coffee machines with water filters. I don't know about you but some of the city water in most cities is not fit for human consumption. I would almost make this a number one choice. Just a side not, water can distort the taste of coffee. Poor water can make a terrible cup of coffee. Use the best tasting water you can find.

This is all you need to get a perfect coffee machine. Five simple items can put you on your way to producing that perfect cup of coffee.

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