Coffee Journey For Your Taste Buds

There can be as large a variety of coffee beans and Java's from around the globe as there are grapes and types of wine - and a trip to taste them all is a great delight for me to share with you.

Since I love coffee and Hawaii both, lets start there. The selected Kona issues forth in both medium and dark roast. The last mentioned holds a very light taste with the medium roast creating for slightly more bodied flavor. Only the espresso stays a favorite, wherever the minimally acidic, dark and strong character really shines.

South of the boarder of the USA the Colombian coffee bean embodies, rightly so,a world-renowned reputation. The La Esperanza from Tolima, for illustration, is produced at nearly 6,000 feet and the effect shows. Elegant with a refined scent and cherry-like it's suggestions of milk chocolate and pipe tobacco. Who thought such an inter-mixture could in reality taste extraordinary?

Naturally, the world's 2nd biggest producer of coffee has a great deal more to offer up. The Supremo creates a complex brew with hints of vanilla and suggestions of bittersweet chocolate. Be sure to drink this beverage hot, because the flavor disappears fast.

Running off to Africa we discover a Tanzanian Peaberry, farmed along the southerly slopes of Mt. Mount Kilimanjaro. Peaberries bear a identifying shape, constituting a single egg-shaped bean instead of the common pair of flat-sided beans. One outcome is that it will have a higher acidity and light body. Tourists that climb the celebrated mountain can enjoy a warm cupful along their way up.

While we are here in the birthplace of civilization, consider a side trip to the recognized home of coffee - Ethiopia. The Yirgacheffe region is home base to a citrusy brew that combines gingerroot, orange peel and lemon that is both tart and chocolaty.

Hop a flight to Vietnam and we can enjoy a Robusta from Lampung. The way that the wash and dry and polish the beans makes for a woody, astringent cup of coffee that can compete well with its more high-toned Arabica cousin.

A run over to Indonesia finds us in Sumatra. This region is long known for their products from the Lake Toba region. You will find a light roast along with a cup of coffee that is sweet and flowery. Yet the original jasmine-like coffee flower has been retained that produces an astringent cup with cherry overtones.

While we are here lets not forget about the northern provinces where the serve up a traditional dark roast that gives a spicy, tropical fruit brew with hints of grapefruit and cedar.

Lets take a trek to India to take in another landmark of the coffee world - the Monsoon Malabar. This is called the product of three months of the wet winds. You will find the puffy yellow beans make for a pungent brew with hints of apricot. Now we have come this far, so don't leave without sampling a Jumboor. It has sweet raisin tones.

So now lets stopover in Jamaica while on our journey. Here you will discover an unusual source of coffee beans. Can you see the African origins in the Jamaican peaberry? It is a single bean. Both full-bodied, sweetly acid, and full of floral notes this cup can come on strong and so the effect is altogether different than you might have expected.

As we come to the end of this excursion, we are satisfied and sated. Let us close our book of 'Coffee- A Tour Of the Coffee World - Part 2' for now. With all this caffeine in our systems, we can go organize another trip soon.

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