Coffee Grinders for Coffee Lovers

Preparing fresh coffee can mean lots of things for different people: you can either buy it ground or prepare it at home just as fine or as coarse as it pleases you. Coffee grinders are very often the choice of people who are truly in love with coffee and want to make sure that flavor and the aroma are unique, authentic and the most intense one they can get. The problem with pre-ground coffee is that it loses the flavor within days after the manufacturing process, not that it would become tasteless, but you don't discover the same intensity of the original in it.

On the other hand, those who choose to buy whole coffee beans and prepare them with the help of coffee grinders at home know that the freshness and the strength of the taste will remain present for weeks on end. However, there is one other advantage of using coffee grinders beside that of flavor preservation: I'm talking about the possibility to control the strength of the coffee depending on the way you choose to grind it. For instance, largely ground coffee works excellent for after dinner occasions when you don't need to make the coffee drinks too strong; on the other hand, in the morning, one may definitely need a super fine grind to prepare an espresso and get the maximum of caffeine out of it.

There are many types of coffee grinders on the market, how can one know which to choose? Some of these special machines are created to grind large amounts of coffee that are used in caf├ęs for instance; but this is not the case for a regular person who needs a lower capacity to use at home. When buying coffee grinders, people should ask themselves several question to make sure that it is worth making the investment. First of all, what is your budget? How often do you need to grind coffee? Who else drinks coffee in your house?

Usually, there are two types of coffee grinders to choose from: blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade coffee grinders are less expensive and fit very well in any kitchen due to their reduced dimensions; yet they cannot grind coffee the super fine way that is necessary for a Turkish coffee for example. Furthermore, they are quite difficult to clean, but that is not an operation you'll do too often. On the other hand, burr coffee grinders are the choice for true coffee lovers; the aroma of the coffee is thoroughly preserved, and though they are more expensive, users claim they are definitely worth the money.

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