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Not many people can take a blind test and tell the difference between the two coffees. Did you know that there is coffee trees that contain little to none caffeine. You will find that there are ways that the companies will incorporate the caffeine into the coffee for commercial production. There are many ways that they can currently remove some of the unnecessary caffeine from the coffee, however, many people think that it affects the taste of the coffee. If you were to do a test where you were blind folded, do you think that you could tell the difference between the two? Many people cannot taste the difference, and yet they feel they can any other time. For those who can taste the difference the way that they will remove the caffeine by treating the beans with hot water and methylene chloride. Most coffee has already been in water before it even came in contact with you. See, the chemical will remove the caffeine from the green beans. Then they will take a steam bath or hot water bath and the beans will begin to open up. Then the beans will be rinsed in chloride and then is rinsed in water again. The chloride is what brings out the caffeine. The flavor of the coffee is never washed away like many people think. They simply just absorb a chemical compound and then unabsorbed it. It has no affect on the way that it tastes. You will find that there are many ways that it can be removed, however, you will find that there are techniques that are available for reducing caffeine intake in the diets of coffee drinkers. Darker roasts will naturally contain less caffeine and you may want to think about using the darker roasts just so that you can keep your caffeine levels low, without having to switch to "decaffeinated". You may be able to taste a difference, however, it is mind over matter. If you think that there is a change you will make there be a change. It’s just natural, however, are you strong enough to overcome your fear of decaffeinated? When it comes to comparing caffeine coffee and decaffeinated coffee, you will find that they could be equal, however, this is simply just mind over matter. You will want to make sure that you take in to consideration of the two types of coffees and what would be best for your health. There are lot of people who will switch their coffee types just so that they can extend their life span by cutting back on the caffeine in the blood system.

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