Coffee cause to Health:Sugar Allergy

Sugar may be a deadly metabolic poison. An average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year. It provides empty calories with no vitamins, minerals or nutrients. The body loses its fine tuned balance, leading to impaired digestion and damaging enzyme levels. This causes hormonal imbalances, weakens the immune system, and leads to a biochemical chaos in the body. Since all the body systems are interdependent, if one system functions abnormally, the rest of the systems too go haywire, which leads to a plethora of diseases.

How Sugar Affects Health
1. Mineral Relationships - Essential minerals stored in the body tissue are depleted to metabolize sugar. This reduces the availability of digestive enzymes, causing poor food digestion and a host of associated problems.

2. Food Allergies-Undigested food enters the blood stream, where the immune system perceives it as an enemy and forms antibodies against it. This leads to food allergies and associated problems like joint pains, headaches, depression, anxiety, anger, hyperactivity, fatigue, dizziness, and tissue and organ swelling All these symptoms are treated with toxic prescription drugs, merely heaping more harm on the body.

3. Osteoporosis-Sugar increases calcium loss by urine. In order to maintain normal blood calcium, this calcium is pulled in from the bones. Calcium loss from bones leads towards osteoporosis and weakens the skeletal system.

4. Immunity-Sugar damages the function of immune cells, resulting in immune suppression causing food allergies and related diseases.

5. Diabetes-Chronic high intake of sugar imbalances the blood sugar level causing diabetes.

6. Arthritis-Food allergies caused by sugar result in formation of immune complexes. Immune complexes and excessive calcium accumulate in the joints and damage them gradually.

7. Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) Excessive blood sugar reacts with proteins in the body to form AGEs, which acts like a glue that binds tissues. This causes arteriosclerosis, where fat sticks to blood vessel walls, leading to heart diseases, high blood pressure, cataracts, and arthritis.

8. Hypoglycemia-The body secretes insulin to lower elevated blood sugar levels. The insulin levels continue at a higher level for longer periods and soon lower blood sugar levels to below normal, causing hypoglycemia. This affects energy levels adversely.

9. Acidosis-Sugar changes body's normal pH levels disrupting the enzyme activity and normal body functions.

10. Imbalances-Sugar metabolization results in nutrient fluctuation thus disrupting the body balance and causing many types of diseases.

Avoid consuming sugar as it gets converted into saturated fats, accumulating in the arteries and other organs and leading to long-term damage. Eat natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to ingest sugar in a healthy and natural form.

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