Coffee: Brewed in the Best Machine

Not a big shock, but coffee makers have been around basically since coffee has. The very first brewer was Turkish. It was called the Ibrik and it is a copper container, a long handle, and a grooved tongue all in one. It is still used to make coffee in the Middle East. There is no filtering involved which leaves the coffee quite strong.

For those who want a filtered cup of coffee there are many different kinds of brewers available. The most common of the current coffee makers is the conventional drip coffee machine. These are quite inexpensive now. But there are still certain things to look for. The drip makers work by water being poured into the machine, it is then heated by an electric coil and then the water passed through the coffee grounds, then a filter and into a glass coffee pot that sits on a heated plate, to keep the coffee warm. These of course are only the basics.

Just like the rest of the world, coffee makers have advanced with technology. There are drip machines now with LCD screens to display all the important things like time, brew time, temperature, and much more. More features than less may be preferred by most now. Although the degree of brew desired, is the minimum of extras. The auto-shutoff is quite a popular addition to the coffee maker, especially for those forgetful types. The auto shut-off also stops the coffee from flowing when the pot has been pulled away, for the impatient coffee drinkers. Then there are lighted displays when the bed head does not want to flick the light on or cannot find it.

The cleaning of coffee makers has advanced as well. With the new coffee pods, there are no lose grinds that can stuck to things and imbedded in crevasses. When the coffee has been brewed, the pod is simply thrown away. These are essential for the too busy to clean or the too lazy.

There are many different options as well when it comes to the water filters. Water filters are important for people who want to brew coffee but do not like their tap water. Although these filters can be pricey they are essential for some who wish to seek the ultimate in home made coffee.

There are coffee makers now that have permanent filters, so paper filters do not have to be used and discarded, however, the use of pods does take this element away as well. There are several debates about which way are more environmentally friendly and alter the taste less. There are also coffee brewers that come with attached coffee grinders, however, this can make clean up a little more difficult. It probably will no be too long before they come with attached roasters. Technology is good, but sometimes the old fashioned and traditional is best. Strong coffee lovers can always stick with the Turkish brew, it's inimitable.

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