Coffee and Teas Effect on the World

Anywhere you go in the world, You can always find a shop housing these wonderful beverages. Be it a large country, a quiet city, or even a small island rarely visited. You can always find coffee and tea.

Besides water, coffee and tea are the most popular drinks around the world. Yet both of these common drinks in fact contain large amounts of water. Therefore, Why drink coffee and tea instead of water?

Most people will respond to that question by saying "Well it tastes better", And though that is true there is more to it than that. Not only do they taste good, They also refresh your body, fuel your energy, and even help when its time to make a stop at the restroom.

The History Of Coffee and Tea

Tea was discovered in China over 5,000 years ago. It's popularity quickly spread to Japan, and then became a beloved drink in Buddhism after the monks discovered that the tea concentrated there minds. Helping them during religious ceremonies.

Coffee was founded by the Muslims in the early 1500s. They began to drink coffee in the place of wine. In the 1600s, Pope Clement decided that coffee was okay to drink. This went against the objections of some who felt that the Muslim drink was evil, But after the Pope's word, all Catholics were free to drink it.

The caffeine in coffee and tea fuel workers everywhere. Coffee and tea are very important for our society. Without it we wouldn't get much done.

Positive Medical Effects

Drinking three to four cups of coffee or tea a day is proven to greatly reduce your chances of prostate cancer. Green tea will even reduce your chances of getting cancer.

A lot of people view coffee and tea as daily medication or a form of vitamin. Since it sharpens your senses and gives your body energy It can seem like a health food.

Negative Effects

Coffee and tea can both produce a negative effect on your teeth if you drink them in excess. This causes them to be stained and turn them a sickly brown color.

That being said though, At least neither coffee nor tea contain corn syrup. One of the other world's most popular drink is soda pop. Soda is the number one reason Americans have the highest rate of diabetes in the world. Our population consumes very high numbers of soda regularly.

Milk is often used in coffee and tea around the world. This tradition is slowly changing though as more people who don't consume dairy products take a liking to coffee and tea. We could soon see the use of soy milk, rice milk, and other substitutes for dairy showing up more often in coffee and tea.

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