Coffee And Culture, Or The Culture Of Coffee

Coffee (even decaf) is delicious for those who are coffee drinkers. There are seemingly a million ways in which coffee can be prepared and served.

If you do have the money, there is something special about going to the coffee shop. Simply ordering a cup of coffee won’t suffice. You’ll need to specify which coffee and what size. Specialty coffee drinks are all the rage among business professionals; it’s easy to pick up a shot of espresso, a latte, or a cappuccino on your way to work, or on a lunch break. However, if you just want a regular coffee (black or with cream and sugar), naturally you can get that too"just say so!

Another great way to enjoy coffee at the coffee shop is to go there and sit down. Many people love to bring their laptop to the shop and plenty of shops are offering free wi-fi (wireless) internet connections. This way, you can sit down and read email, send out proposals, surf the net or whatever you need do online"all this in the cozy and friendly environment of the coffee shop.

Another kind of coffee shop includes bookstores with coffee shops built right in! Some argue that the coffee at these bookstores rivals or exceeds the coffee found at stand-alone shops. Regardless, there is a competitive edge the bookstore coffee shop has over the others: the books. Most bookstore coffee shops are found near the magazine rack. Grab your favorite magazine under any topic (business, entertainment, cooking, art, technology, music, etc.) and grab a latte. Sit down and relax.

Another interesting concept which has come about as a result of coffee shops inside and outside of bookstores is that so many professionals and hobbyists from all different walks of life come together in these stores. What a cross-section of our culture this is!

While you’re reading a book, studying for an exam, or putting together a presentation, chances are a conversation might strike up with people at a nearby table. Such talk might beckon your interest and soon you’ll be talking over coffee with people with similar interests to you, or people whose work or hobbies are new to you. You can learn so much in a relaxed setting while being exposed to such diverse citizens from your society.

Other than coffee shops, coffee can also be an amazing way to enjoy time with a friend or family member. How many times has a new relationship begun over coffee? How many times have people spent a night on the town and capped it off with coffee at an all-night restaurant or Coney Island?

And let’s not forget the classic social gathering starter: brewing up a fresh pot of coffee when company visits. Coffee is even the classic ice-breaker and motivator among colleagues and clients for businessmen and businesswomen.

Isn’t it amazing how coffee brings together so many people in so many different situations? The next time you think about what to do on a rainy day, or a sunny one for that matter, think coffee. Go alone with your book or laptop to a shop, ask a friend or coworker out for coffee, or just brew up some coffee at home for friends or family. Coffee is bound to get the dialog brewing! Can’t you smell it now?

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