Choosing a Coffee Maker

The variety and types of coffee makers has come a long way, from the original device to the modern day, state-of-the art equipment. History has evidence to show that Turkish Ibrik was the original coffee brewer, comprising of a copper container and a long handle. As it does not do any filtering, it produces an immensely strong brew and is used in the Middle East quite often, even in the present. In the next sections, we've discussed the various types of coffee makers, along with their key features.

The Categories

The most commonly used and perhaps also the largest selling type of coffee maker is the drip model that falls quite inexpensive. Moving on to the present a vast variety of new features have been added in line with the latest technology and user-friendly features.

In the modern coffee makers, there are interesting features like LCD screens that display the time, the duration for brewing, temperature, along with a timer. Such screens are especially handy in the darker surroundings late at night or in the early mornings. In addition, features like auto-off are especially useful for bigger households where the homemaker can easily forget to turn it off. In the earlier days, coffee used to continue to drip over into the heating plate even after the brewing was complete.

Other Features

Besides having such user-friendly utility features, these coffee makers are also extremely easy to clean, especially with the introduction of coffee pods. These are basically small paper containers of coffee. Water is made to flow through these and they also have the advantage of providing good filtering for grounds. After the brewing is complete, these need to be taken out and disposed of. There are some models that come with water filters, which are quite expensive but produce good results.

There are some models that also come with permanent coffee filters styles. These are especially preferred by users who are environmentally conscious and do not want to use the coffee pods. In fact, there are some models that come with integrated be bean grinders, though such devices are more cumbersome to clean up. In order to decide about the model that will suit your need to the best, you should ideally study and analyze the features of various models available and compare them against your own requirements.

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