Can Good Coffee Change Your Life?

There is no real secret when it comes to your morning routines. If your routine is disrupted then most likely the rest of the day will fair badly. If the routine goes without a hitch then the day will have a chance to be great. What if you changed your routine for the better? I mean, what if you made a change that will enhance your routine? This concept of enhancement requires at some length for you the person with the routine to step out of the box of regularity. To do this totally would not be an enhancement to your routine, but to change one or two small details would. Is this transition hard? What are the benefits to making one small change in my routine? Let me share my story with you, and you will see what a small change did for me.

Here is one change recently that I made. I used to buy regular Columbian roasted coffee, but it would contain French Vanilla flavored creamer. I drank my coffee like this for years. Then in an attempt to step out of the box I tried one of my company's flavored coffees and used a plain creamer. It at first went against the grain, but it was not the taste of the coffee it was the routine that bothered me. I stayed committed to the change, and on the 3rd day I was open for another change. I am an ice tea drinker thru and thru, but I stopped drinking iced tea and changed to bottled water. This change made me miserable for about 48 hours, but after that I was fine. Here is the great part I started to lose weight. My pants became a little looser and my perception of life became much better.

What cause the reduction in weight? The drinking of water was removing the toxins in my body and according to my doctor those toxins were slowing down my metabolism. When I made just one change it helped me make another, which changed my life for the better. Are there any other benefits to this change? Yes, it not only helped me lose weight and made me feel better, it also showed me that the routine theory was a bunch of hoopla. I did not need to keep a routine to have a great day. I needed to step out of the box to have a better quality of life. Just think if we all just took one step out of our routines we might discover that there is more to life then Columbian coffee with French Vanilla creamer.

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