Brighton Cafes - Egg & Chips In Party Town

Red Roaster

The best coffee in town. Not to say that they don’t have other fine attributes – sandwiches, muffins, and all other manner of standard latte-accompanying fare – but if you are in need of a caffeine-based vein-injectory experience without parallel, then look no further than the operators of this bean-grinding centre of excellence. RR’s has it taped.


This is Brighton’s (and possibly the World’s) best shake shop. Yes, milkshakes. Galore. Oozing out of every orifice. And when you see the menu, you won’t know which orifice you prefer (come on, this is Brighton after all). Anyway, the range is mouthwatering, the concept is too seductive to refuse, and the basic premise is, take a milkshake, make it any flavour you like, and find all sorts of lush stuff to cram into it to make your tastebuds tingle. Today I’m on banana with jelly tots and custard. Sweet!

Market Diner

Does what it says on the tin. Of Cash’n’carry quality baked beans. Brighton is crammed with the weird and wonderful, and this is where you’ll see them at their dogged, up all-night-raving, scraping the drug and booze haze out of their ears via a lard-intravenous of heartstopping proportions worst. Get all the best greasy fry-up ingredients, pile them on a single plate till they’re dripping onto the formica tabletop, and know that you’ll soon be home, sleeping off the fattest head of your life.

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Infinity Foods Cafe

Bring a hemp bag. You’ll go away having filled it with nettle teabags, fairly traded houmous and organic wild rice. Infinity is true to Brightonian roots, a lovely place to feel alternative and choosy and frankly decadent in terms of the huge range of quality wholefoods on offer to the vegetarian shopaholic. But don’t forget to stop and sip a latte in the process, preferably accompanied by a halloumi open sandwich on one of their delicious shop-baked breads.

Sanctuary Café

More vegetarianism. But that is Brighton, and when in Rome…This place is fully attuned to the sensitivities of the modern, politically savvy but basically just hungry palate. Their chefs come from all over – Italy, Malaysia, Inverness – but they also know just how to make a fine salad leap off the menu at you, begging to be devoured. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. Lunch without meat doesn’t get any better.

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