Bottled Water Makes A Great Cup Of Coffee

Making coffee is an art, but it’s not difficult to learn how to make a great cup of coffee. The things that you need to pay attention to are: -

•Freshness. Make sure your coffee beans are kept in an airtight container out of strong light. The fridge of freezer is not the best place according to experts, as condensation that spoils the flavour can occur.

•Grind. Too fine a grind will cause your coffee to be bitter, but if it is too coarse then the full coffee flavour will not be released, resulting in a watery flavour.

•Proportion. How much coffee you use for each cup has an important effect on the taste. Each individual taste varies, but experiment a little with your own to see if you like it stronger or weaker. Experts believe that two tablespoons per 60z of water gives the ultimate taste.

•Equipment. If your brewing equipment is not kept clean and free of scale, then this will affect the taste of the coffee. Even if you wash it out carefully, you should always rinse it afterwards with clean, bottled water to get the soap residue out.

•Water. Last but certainly not least is the kind of water you use to make the coffee. If you use pure bottled water, then there will be no other taste to interfere with the full flavour of the coffee. If you use ordinary tap water, then there will be the taste of the chlorine and other things to spoil that delicious coffee taste. You may have become so used to these other tastes that you don’t notice them any more. But if you use bottled water for your next brew, you may be surprised to find out how much better your coffee tastes.

Not many people think of making their coffee with bottled water, but keep it only to drink when they want to drink water. But it is logical that any other taste in the water is going to have an adverse effect on the quality of your coffee’s taste. Using bottled water to make your coffee will also ensure that you are not getting all those extra chemicals into your body through what you drink. Both are good reasons to pop the top of that bottled water and pour it into your percolator for the next brew. You may be pleasantly surprised at the difference.

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