Battle For The Breakfast Mug - Is Coffee Out?

The cup of coffee has become a favorite eye-opening experience for most workaholics. Today none of them are excited over the increasing health warnings associated with their private indulgence. Caffeine comes to the rescue during early morning traffic hours, and late night study sessions.

It makes great company for cake parties and after-dinner socializing sessions. So when the doctor warns off caffeine to ward off heart problems and weight issues, and fitness fobics realize coffee will interfere with certain vitamin or creatine absorption - havoc is sure to ensue.There is literally no replacement for this private, daily soul fest - or is there?

According to research published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and the American Association for Cancer Research, there are plenty of alternatives which will keep you on your toes thanks to the new and improved view of nature’s oldest flavor brew: the tea leaf.

Not only will you get the much needed high from this budding guardian angel, but according to new research, drinking three or more cups of loose leaf tea a day has found to be equally healthy as drinking water. Needless to say, coffee does not contain antioxidants inherent in tea, so the brewed bean has no health benefits in that regard compared to its leafy counterpart.

In the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers tell us that tea not only re-hydrates just like water, but also protects against heart disease and certain cancers. These experts listed flavonoids as the key ingredient in loose leaf tea which promotes health.

It was commonly believed that caffeine - as it is found in coffee - is a dehydrant. Studies on coffee have shown that high doses cause dehydration. Therefore it was commonly assumed any beverages containing caffeine would have to be dehydrating. However, according to research published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, even a very strong cup of tea would still have a net gain of fluid.

Not only is tea re-hydrating, it also contains fluoride, which keeps teeth healthy. Unlike Coffee, tea contains antioxidants which are important to the immune system. Polyphenols contained in tea leaves reduce risk of heart disease. And finally, as reported by the American Association for Cancer Research, the chemo-preventive agent identified as EGCG most abundantly found in green tea has been associated with reduced risk of certain cancers.

So while coffee is not all evil, its pleasures are quite limited compared to research published on tea. There are many varieties of tea, its flavors depending on the region it was grown, particular seasons, processing styles and infusion practices.

Tea is receiving growing attention from those of us who have been forcefully weaned off coffee, as well as the few in between who happen to have the natural instincts for all things delicious. It is not faux coffee -- it is a delightful way to start your day!

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