A Good Excuse To Drink More Coffee

When I was in high school our principal, Mr. Watkins was an avid coffee drinker. And when I say "avid", I mean nobody stood in between Mr. Watkins and his pot of coffee. Mr. Watkins day wouldn't start unless he had at least a pot and a half of coffee in his belly. He was a bit high-strung, which the teachers that worked directly ender him blamed his constant "one cup right after the other" coffee drinking mentality. One day the teachers decided to secretly change his regular coffee to decaf in an effort to calm him down. It didn't work. They didn't take into consideration that he had just quit smoking weeks earlier. It wasn't the coffee that made him that way, it was his nervous withdrawals from quitting smoking.

The truth is coffee has very little effects on heavy coffee drinkers like Mr. Watkins. For Individuals who regularly consume coffee/caffeine has no effect on blood pressure. For people who have not consumed caffeine for a certain period of time, drinking coffee can lead to a small, short-lived increase in blood pressure. In fact, if your a coffee drinker with high blood pressure, it wasn't the coffee that made you that way. My research shows that stopping coffee consumption is of no benefit to people with mild hypertension. There is no evidence to suggest that continued consumption of coffee father compounds hypertension in any diagnosed patients. Actually, regular coffee drinkers don't even have comparatively higher blood pressure than non coffee drinkers. As the body quickly becomes tolerant to caffeine's effects on blood pressure.

You may ask, well, there's no effect on blood pressure, but what about other conditions like cholesterol or palpitations, what about increased risk for certain types of cancers like ovarian cancer or bladder cancer? No, no, no. In general, people who drink coffee do not have higher cholesterol levels than people who obtain from coffee drinking. Heart palpitations? No. Research shows that individuals may experience palpitations(irregular heartbeats). Irrespective of whether they are consuming coffee or not. Ovarian cancer? No conclusive evidence that coffee/caffeine consumption increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Bladder cancer? In 1990, The International Agency For Research On Cancer evaluated coffee, caffeine, tea, and latte', after assessing the research, gave coffee the classification 2B which is possibly carcinogenic to the human urinary bladder. Coffee was cleared in all other areas.

Honestly folks, I've done an awful lot of research on the effects of coffee and caffeine and I haven't found anything to raise any suspicion or worry. My conclusion is Mr. Watkins had the right idea all along. So, drink up folks, it isn't bad for you. And like the title says," That's a good excuse to drink more coffee"

As always, I hope this article was both informative and entertaining. Thank you for reading and may GOD bless you always, and in always.

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