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In the past few years, the popularity of cocktails increased dramatically. More and more types were invented; some of the most exotic fruit juices were mixed with powerful alcohol and the mixing of drinks quickly transformed into some kind of art.

Today, we can find on the Internet a wealth of information about cocktails and their recipes. Even though the cocktail dates back from the 19th century, its popularity is quite recent due to the advertising of such products online and with the help of the media (commercials and films). Bartenders pride themselves in mastering the art of mixing various drinks and other people are quite pleased to try all kinds of mixtures at home.

However the case may be, it is amazing how much the world of cocktails has grown. Online, we can find dozens of cocktail creations, all mixed in special ways and decorated with all sorts of things including orange peels, mint twigs and cherries. Cocktails are far from being boring; on the contrary, they are considered by most people hip and in style.

Online, one can find stories about cocktail secrets, recipes for the most famous cocktails in the world and also some valuable information about cocktails in general. The basic ingredients are presented by some websites, meaning the base, the main flavoring and the special flavoring. Also, there are details about decoration and preparation, not to mention types of glasses, such as longdrinks glasses.

Mixing a cocktail is not something that is done by strict rules; quite the opposite, the drink must be made after the personal taste. Special ingredients can be added while shaking or stirring, leading to some of the world’s most spectacular mixed drinks.

Along with preparation, decorating a cocktail has also become an important part. All kinds of fruits are used and there are many cocktails and especially longdrinks that are served with straws or wooden sticks. Straws are known to fit very well with a certain type of cocktail, served in a highball glass. Another common method for decoration is frosting and this is used on a large scale today for a multitude of cocktails.

Some of the most popular cocktails of the modern world are longdrinks. Served in tall glasses or highball glasses, these have a comparatively big volume and they have plenty of ice, being made especially for hot weather.

Alcoholic longdrinks include Mai Tai, Caribbean Night and Long Island Ice Tea. All of them are popular cocktails, served everywhere around the world and it is a good thing that their recipes are presented online. The Mai Tai is made from brown rum, cointreau, lemon juice and almond syrup. It also contains brown sugar, a half of lemon and crushed ice. This amazing drink is awfully tasty and usually comes decorated with fresh mint or a cherry.

Some people also prefer cocktails with alcohol such as: Sex on the beach or Tequila Sunrise. The first is prepared with vodka, orange and cranberry juice. A very special ingredient is represented by the peach liquor, which gives the drink a very special flavor. This cocktail is also part of the list of popular longdrinks and its recipe is quite easy to follow.

There are also non-alcoholic long drinks such as Alex, Orange Fizz or Sweet victory. These are strong flavored made from various fruit juices such as: currant, apricot, pineapple, orange and cherry. Other key ingredients are: almond and strawberry syrup, tonic water (for Orange Fizz) and lemons. All have ice and some also have grenadine, in order to enhance the flavor of the basic ingredients.

What you have to remember about cocktails is that they require dedication. You have to put your heart into the making of a mixed drink and read all about different recipes. The Internet is the perfect place to discover all sorts of strange yet interesting recipes and try them at home or order them the next time you go into a bar.

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