Color Coordinating Cocktail Recipes

Like an artist using his pallet and brush, the savvy bartender can use a cocktail shaker and delightful cocktail recipes to mix a dazzling array of rich and wonderful colors, even though the colors put into the cocktail shaker might not look as vibrant going in as they do pouring out.

Whether you're planning a themed bash or just want to liven up a pub's atmosphere, colorful cocktail recipes are a popular hit with patrons and partygoers year round as many frequenters are forgoing the tap to see what kind of colorful potion the merry bartender can produce with his or her trusty cocktail shaker and arsenal of tasty cocktail recipes. There is even a rising trend of using a clear cocktail shaker so the act of mixing the cocktail recipes can be just as entertaining.

Colorful cocktail shaker concoctions aren't reserved for the bar anymore, either. A popular ongoing party trend is to blend drink appearance with festive d�cor and entertainment themes. Color coordination of drinks to venue adds detail, sophistication, and excitement to any party or gala event and creative cocktail recipes reflects a fun atmosphere. Even Girls Night Out can be made more entertaining with a colorful theme, complete with martini-matched outfits and accessories. Here is a list of unforgettable colorful cocktail shaker mixed and stirred cocktail recipes for a rainbow of delicious drinks:

Red Cocktail Recipes - Your cocktail shaker has never blushed better with delicious red cocktail recipes for martinis and sweet rosy highballs. Think Santa red for the holidays with a nice white lichee garnish, or true red for a Valentine's day to remember. Red cocktail recipes are the color of passion and fun, a reflection of excitement and energy.

(Clear Red With Fruit Garnish Martini Recipe) Cosmopolitan - The favorite of Sex in the City character Carrie and pals, the Cosmopolitan is often the signature cocktail shaker mixed drink of happy hour. This favorite of cocktail recipes contains 2 parts Vodka, 1 part Triple Sec or Cointreau, 1 part cranberry juice, and a squeeze of fresh lime. To mix this drink, simply add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and vigorously shake it. It should be served in a Martini glass with a garnish of your personal choice, often coordinating cherry or lime to contrast the bold red color.

(Sweet Red Martini Recipe) Pomegranate Martini - This martini is delicious and simple with a tart flavor that is unforgettable. It tastes similar to cosmopolitan cocktail recipes but contains the kicky aphrodisiac pomegranate juice. Into a chilled and sugar-rimmed martini glass, pour equal parts citrus vodka and pomegranate juice, stir gently, and garnish with a twist of lemon. It is simple and elegant with a rich color and full flavor. It can also be mixed in a cocktail shaker if desired.

(Sparkling Red Martini Recipe) Arctic Red - This drink is a fun flavor that is not too sweet or too sour. You will need a chilled sugar-rimmed glass, either highball or martini. The drink is mixed in a glass step by step, with the option of combining the alcohol in a cocktail shaker first. Using a pestle, mash six lime peel twists with two teaspoons of sugar in the bottom of a glass. Pour one oz cranberry vodka into the glass with two ounces club soda over the mixture. Stir with a spoon and strain into a cocktail glass with cracked ice and a slice of lemon. Due to carbonation, using a cocktail shaker is not recommended to mix the entire drink.

(Deep Red Martini Recipe) Mountain Red - Take one part vodka, light rum, gin, and peach Schnapps and shake in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a martini glass and add cranberry juice until the desired color is reached. Add a slice of lime or lemon twist for colorful presentation in either a martini glass or a Collins glass. Some add the cranberry juice to the cocktail shaker along with the alcohol, but this can create an unexpected color result.

(Sparkling Orange Martini Recipe) Orange Crush - This drink is a delightful cocktail similar to the flavor of the soda of the same name. It is served in a highball glass. Into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add equal two ounces each of orange juice and Vodka. Add an ounce of sour mix until the drink is ice cold. Pour the contents of the cocktail shaker into a highball glass and top with lemon lime soda. Stir the drink gently to distribute carbonation.

Blue Cocktail Recipes - The color blue is said to have a calming affect, and it represents loyalty and confidence. Fresh from the cocktail shaker, a blue martini from one of these blue cocktail recipes is like sipping on a piece of clear sky. Consider blue themed cocktail recipes for a luau-themed party, a winter bash, or to celebrate the 4th.

(Deep Blue Martini Recipe) Blue Martini - This drink is a lovely shade of blue and has an intense flavor. Depth of the blue color depends on the preferred mix. Here is a popular blue martini recipe: Take one part Sky Vodka, one part Blue Curacao, 1 part sour mix and shake well in a cocktail shaker. Preferred garnish is a twist of lemon.

(Light Blue Martini Recipe) Blue Raspberry Martini - If you want to try something smurf-blue, try two ounces vodka, two ounces raspberry liquor, and a twist of Curacao. Shake them together in an ice filled cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with fresh raspberries.

(Light Blue Martini Recipe) Windex Martini - Want to look like you're drinking something space age or hip? Consider this mix of three parts Vodka, 1 part Curacao (blue), and 1 part Triple Sec. Mix these ingredients in a cocktail shaker full of ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. This one is really cool to watch a bartender pour it out of the cocktail shaker and into a martini glass.

(Mellow Blue Martini Recipe) Cool Blue Martini - This drink is a nice color and not as harsh as the other blue selections. It contains three ounces of gin, � ounce dry vermouth, a splash of blue Curacao, and a dash of lemon juice shaken in an ice-filled cocktail shaker and strained into a martini glass. This drink is garnished with a lemon twist.

Violet Cocktail Recipes- They say that purple represents nobility and wisdom, but for those in the know, a cocktail shaker yielding a purple martini is an exotic treasure. It is almost mesmerizing to watch a purple martini pour out of the cocktail shaker and then be garnished with a bright red cherry. Here is one of the most famous purple cocktail recipes:

(Bright Purple Martini Recipe) Purple Hooter - If you love the color purple, this drink is classy and colorful. Simply add a squeeze of lemon, a dash of Extra Dry Vermouth, 1 splash of both Raspberry Liquor and Sweet and Sour mix to three parts vodka in a cocktail shaker filled with cracked ice. After shaking, be sure to pour it through a strainer into a well chilled and sugar rimmed martini glass.

Pink Cocktail Recipes - Lately when the world considers pink, we think of awareness. Several pubs are joining in the pink cause by using a special pink cocktail recipe to create a pink ribbon themed drink with a percentage of the proceeds going to Breast Cancer research. Pink is a cheerful color, one with pep and brilliance that reflects satisfaction and serenity no matter which of the pink cocktail recipes you use.

(Clear Pink Martini Recipe) Pink Cadillac - This cocktail calls for Tequila and contains eight parts Sweet & Sour mix, 3 parts Tequila, 1 part Triple Sec, 2 parts lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice (for color.) Some add Grand Marnier. It can be sort of orange depending on how much cranberry you use. This cocktail is shaken in crushed ice and served in a regular cocktail glass.

(Varies) Pink Pillow - In a glass, pour three ounces of vodka. Slowly mix in small amounts of Grenadine until the drink is the desired level of pink. After you have achieved the right color, add equal parts sour mix and Ginger ale.

(Opaque Pink Martini Recipe) Pink Drink - This cocktail recipe requires two parts Grenadine and milk mixed in a cocktail shaker with one part vodka, Galliano, and Countreau. Shake vigorously in a cocktail shaker and strain into a glass. Garnish with a little cream for a heavenly appearance and a yummy flavor.

For some of these cocktail recipes, the cocktail shaker is not recommended due to the possibility of the carbonation of an added soda ingredient creating a fizzy mess. This does not happen every time you put soda in your cocktail shaker, but depending on the level of dilution, you may choose to mix the alcoholic ingredients in the cocktail shaker and stir in the soda right before presentation.

Cocktail recipes, like the shape and size of the cocktail shaker, can vary from bartender to bartender, but generally the most colorful cocktails have relatively similar cocktail recipes from pub to pub with only slight variation in ingredients. The most common variations in cocktail recipes concern garnishes and presentation, but substitutions in alcohol can occur. Be sure to ask your bartender which mix will be used if you have any questions about the martini recipe prior to ordering. Colorful cocktails right out of the cocktail shaker are a wonderful addition to any party, but remember to drink responsibly. Although some of these drinks look less serious than other alcoholic beverages, remember to consume in moderation, as all of these cocktail recipes contain alcohol. Enjoy!

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