Cocktails: Deli Mix for Perfect Kicks

Cocktails are usually referred to a style of mixed drinks. Nowadays the word cocktails mean mixing of two or more types of liquors with one or more fruit juices and flavors. The origin of cocktails is said to be in the 19th century. In 1806 an American Magazine published that a cocktail is stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters… Gradually the term cocktail became very famous and trendy. Usually it is made of gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy and vodka. Martini is considered as the first modern cocktail. In 1887, the recipe of Martinez which is similar to the Martini was given as Old Tom Gin, sweet vermouth, a dash of maraschino and bitters with a slice of lemon and two dashes of gum syrup. Now modern Martini is made of gin and dry white vermouth garnished with an olive. This cocktail is famous and has become very popular world wide. There are wide varieties of cocktails available. It differs from region to region and bartender to bartender. Even the same names of cocktails may differ in taste because of the difference in the ingredients. There are beer cocktails in which other alcohols are mixed. You can find variety of cocktails made by mixing brandy or cognac. Such cocktails include Brandy Alexander, Brandy Manhattan, and Brandy Sour, Crunk Juice, Jack Rose, Four Score, French Connection, Horse’s neck, Incredible Hulk, Panama, Paradise, Orgasm, Pisco Sour, Piscola, Porto Flip, Singapore Sling and lots more. There are cocktails with cachaca like Batida, Capiriniha, Caju Amigo, etc. Cocktails with gin are Alexander, Bijou, Bronx, Chocolate Soldier, French 75, Gibson, Hanky-Panky, Lime Rickey, Gin Sour, Pall Mall, Paradise, Pink Gin, Tom Collins, White Lady, Smoky Martini, Salty Lady, Ramos Gin Fin, Royal Arrival, My Fair Lady, Old Estonian etc. Different varieties of cocktails are available. Mixing cocktail is considered as an art. The taste of the drink depends on the way of mixing the alcohols with fruit juices or milk or cream with flavor. Cocktail shaker is a device that is used to make the drink chill before serving. This device is used to mix the alcohols with ice. There are around three different varieties of cocktail shakers are available they are the Boston Shaker, the Cobbler Shaker, and the French Shaker. Like beer glassware cocktail glasses are also there. A glass with a cone shaped bowl on a stem above a flat base is usually used to serve cocktails. For cocktail enthusiasts glasses like highball, tumbler, white wine, beer mug or shots can be used. Nowadays cocktail parties are the best ways of celebrations. One can make such parties more enjoyable with some good ideas like inventing new recipes, new layered styles, new garnishes etc. Just enjoy cocktail party with new varieties of drinks, fresh juices and garnishes. There are many websites and publications which offer with tips on new recipes, and inspirational ideas to make cocktail party a grand.

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