Cocktail Recipes

Below are 11 Vodka cocktails that are very quick and simple to prepare.
1. Black Russian recipe
Ingredients- 1 oz Vodka .25oz Kahlua, 1oz Vodka.

Preparation - Stir well with ice. No Garnish. Glass- Rock.

2. Bloody Mary recipe
Ingredients- 1.25oz Vodka, Tomato Juice, Worcestershire Sauce.

Preparation -Pour over ice adding the sauce last.
Garnish -Lemon & Celery Stick. Glass- Rock.

3. Bull Shot recipe
Ingredients- 1.25oz Vodka, Beef Bouillon, Worcestershire Sauce.

Preparation- Pour over ice adding salt & pepper and sauce.
Garnish- Lemon. Glass- Rock.

4. Harvey Wallbanger recipe
Ingredients- 1oz Vodka, ,25oz Galliano, 3oz Orange Juice.

Preparation- Pour vodka and orange over ice and add Galliano.
Garnish Cherry & Orange. Glass- Collins.

5. In The Pink recipe
Ingredients-1.25oz Vodka, 3oz Cranberry Juice, 1oz Lemon Juice, 5oz Syrup, Soda Water.

Preparation- Shake with ice and strain into glass, add soda.
Garnish- Cherry & Orange. Glass- Brandy Balloon.

6. Long Island recipe
Ingredients- 25oz Vodka, .025oz Gin, .25oz White Rum, 025oz Tequila, .25oz Triple Sec,
.5oz Lemon Juice, Coke.

Preparation- Pour over ice and add coke.
Garnish- Lemon Slice & aspirin. Glass- Collins.

7. Martini recipe
Ingredients- 1.25oz Vodka, Dash of dry Vermouth.

Preparation- Stir with ice and strain into glass, add twist of lemon.
Garnish- Olive. Glass- Cocktail.

8. Moscow Mule recipe
Ingredients- 1.25oz Vodka, Dash of lime, Ginger Beer.

Preparation- Pour over ice & stir.
Garnish- Lemon slice. Glass- Rock.

9. Screw Driver recipe
Ingredients- 1.25oz Vodka, Orange Juice.

Preparation- Pour over ice & stir.
Garnish- Cherry & Orange. Glass- Rock.

10. White Russian recipe Ingredient 1oz Vodka, .25oz Kahlua, .25oz Cream.

Preparation- Stir with ice.
Garnish-None. Glass- Rock.

11. White Spider recipe
Ingredients- 1oz Vodka, .25oz White Creme de Menthe.

Preparation- Stir with ice.
Garnish- None. Glass-Rock.

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