Cocktail Coasters

Cocktail coasters are used for more than just protecting your coffee table from rings and stains they are used to promote businesses, services, and causes of all sorts. Many people also have custom cocktail coasters made up to celebrate something like an anniversary or a wedding. They are an amusing type of business card that is also quite practical.

Cocktail coasters come in all kinds of materials. The diversity of materials is quite amazing. They have come a long way since they were made only out of wood. One of the most familiar materials is glossy board. These are heat resistant because they are covered with a glossy coating. You can print anything on this type of coaster – even a photograph. These come in square shapes or round cut out shapes. You can even get them in the shape of stars.

Another old standby is the cork coaster. These are cheap, classic and are usually small cut out circles. The advertisement is usually sealed on to the cork in some way. They can also be made out of thin rubber and the promotional message can be stamped on it. These are sometimes called no slip coasters.

Another popular type of coaster is the promotional 3D aluminum coaster. These are made of gold, silver or copper and are very cheap. They come in all kinds of shapes including round or circular as well. These can be quite elegant and classy looking.

Leather coasters can also be quite elegant looking especially if you want to stamp or print them with some type of seal. The seal is usually in gold or silver printing. You can also usually get these in all kinds of different colors as well with black and green being the most popular.

Even more elegant are the promotional ceramic coasters. These are round white coasters that will last a long time. They make a good gift because they do not get ruined easily so if you want the message on your coaster to persist then choose the porcelain materials.

A more casual choice is PVC. These are floppy non stick coasters that have an image or message imprinted on them. They also usually last a very long time and are easy to clean. Be careful not to spill alcohol on these types of beverage coasters as that can lead to the imprint sliding off. You can get these in many different colors as well. Gold imprints look good on a dark PVC coaster.

If you really want a unique look then try for coasters that are made from see through acrylic. These can be etched with the logo that you have in mind or you can have your logo or business card sandwiched in between layers of acrylic. The insert can be printed in full color and the effect can be very impressive.

Most promotional companies can give you the very latest graphic computer technology in order to make these coasters look as professional as possible. They do not cost a lot and they are a good way to get your word out about your business.

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