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A cocktail drink is a style of mixed drinks. The cocktail culture is rising as attention grows in the traditional cocktail lounges.

Thousands of cocktail drinks have been formed from the initial drink mixture. All classic cocktails may be found in trendy establishments, bars restaurants and much more. Some of the lounges are making new drinks of their own and garnishing the interior in retro theme.

A cocktail drink is a style of mixed drinks and originally a combination of sugar, bitter taste, distilled spirits and water. Nowadays, cocktails usually have one or more kinds of flavorings and liquor and one or more of fruit juices, honey, sugar, water, liqueurs, soda, ice, milk, cream and herbs. A cocktail is made with a base such as whiskey, vodka, rum and especially gin. A cocktail can also be applied to nonalcoholic beverages and may be served as an appetizer.

Various Cocktail Lounges in the US
-New York Cocktail Lounges - This attractive lounge is known for cocktail drinks, beverages and good foods. It is populated by politicians, musicians, celebrities and businessmen. The specialty of this cocktail lounge is the margarita lime cocktail. It is open from Monday to Sunday, 3 pm to 12 am.

-Soho Cocktail Lounge - The freshest and beautiful spot in the town of N. Oregon in Texas. They serve at least twenty five Martini specials and their music is 70's retro to 80's progressive and new wave. They also have squeezing limes, fresh lemons, grapefruit juices and orange by hand. The Soho cocktail lounge crafted their specially-made infusions such as ginger beer, tinctures and flavored syrups. It's open from Monday to Sunday, 3pm to 2 am and located at N. Oregon Street El Paso, Texas.

-Murf's Broadway Cocktail Lounge - This music theme lounge offers retro music, 8ft wide by 5ft high TV screen and Wi-Fi connection. It is great for business meetings, family dinners, hangout and catering. They also serve cocktail drinks such as Martini, cocktail shooter, blow job cocktail and much more. It is opened Monday to Friday, 12 pm to 3 pm and situated at 700 Winslow at Marshall Redwood City, California. Contact them at 650-365-3353 for more information about their catering.

-St-Germain Cocktail Lounge - This lounge offers a cultural look. It serves dry white wine or champagne and club soda or sparkling water. It also has French music, dance floor and big TV screen. It is good for those who love the environment. In addition, it is ideal for hangout, conference meetings and much more. The St-Germain Lounge is located at #2633 Trenton Avenue, Philadelphia.

-Wine and Cocktail Bar - This unique wine and cocktail bar is described as a relaxing bar. It offers a nice place for meetings, family reunions, and dinners with the family, hangouts and group studies. It also serves cocktails such as slammers, shooters and blow jobs. It even has a wide variety of wine such as Wakefield, Verdillac red wine, Chimney Rock and much more. It is located at #200 Navarro street San Antonio, Texas. It's open from Monday to Saturday, 3pm to 10 pm. You can call them at this number (210)-224-1031. They have rules for minors and they only allow persons who are 21 years of age and above.

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