Monstrous Content Of Monster Energy Drink

After a hard day’s work, you feel like you have lost all your body energy. You just want to rest on your couch or bed and take a sleep, yet you still have activities you need to accomplish. You have to report on your regular exercise routine on a nearby health gym. After which, you will be having dinner with your husband or wife later on. Just how you will handle these activities if you are running out of energy?

Every one of us is releasing energy everyday. We use our stored body energy derived from foods that we eat first thing in the morning and throughout the day in order to mobilize our bodies on performing our daily task, whether in the office, school, gym, or anywhere. In addition, energy keeps our minds active as well so that we can think and act quickly on different tasks involved.

Aside from the foods that are the primary source of our body, there are also energy-boosting beverages that you can drink to replenish the energy that has been lost due to everyday activities. There are different varieties of energy drinks available in the market, and one of which is the Monster energy drink. Of what it is and other attributes of this popular energy drink will be discussed in the preceding sections of this article. Read on and learn more about the "monstrous effect" of Monster energy drink.

About Monster Energy Drink

Monster energy drink is manufactured by Hansen Beverage Company situated on Corona, California. It was among the pioneers of drinks that have marketed their products on a 16-ounce can, which is twice as large as the regular bullet-size energy drink, yet offered in the same price. Presently, Monster energy drink market is now on most convenience stores and supermarkets within the United States and Canadian territories.

The packaging of Monster energy drink, in case you do not see it yet, is black 16-ounce can with the neon green-colored letter "M" (the logo for Monster energy drink) shaped like a claw. In addition, it has also a green pull tab located on the top of the can, making it easier for you to drink the contents without exerting too much effort on opening it.

Monster Varieties

There are two basic varieties of Monster energy drink. These two are the following together with their ingredients and nutritional contents:

1. Classic Monster Energy Drink

i.Carbonated water;
iii.Citric acid;
v.Natural flavoring;
vii.Sodium citrate;
viii.Panax ginseng root extract;
ix.Potassium sorbate;
xii.Ascorbic acid;
xiii.Sodium benzoate;
xv.Guarana seed extract;
xvi.Sodium chloride;
xix.Pyridoxine hydrochloride; and

b. Nutritional Content:

i.Serving size is 8 fl oz;
ii.2 servings per container;
iii.100 grams calories;
iv.26 grams sugar;
v.60 milligrams vitamin C;
vi.1.7 milligrams Riboflavin;
vii.20 milligrams niacin;
viii.2 milligrams vitamin B6;
ix.6 milligrams vitamin B12;
x.180 milligrams sodium;
xi.1000 milligrams taurine;
xii.200 milligrams panax ginseng; and
xiii.2500 milligrams energy blend.

2. Low-Carb Monster Energy Drink

a. Ingredients- the same as the classic Monster energy drink

b. Nutritional content:

i.Serving size is 8 fl oz;
ii.2 servings per container;
iii.10g calories;
iv.3g total carbs;
v.3g sugars;
vi.60 mg vitamin C;
vii.1.7 mg riboflavin;
viii.20 mg niacin;
ix.2mg vitamin B6;
x.60 mcg vitamin B12;
xi.180mg sodium;
xii.1000mg taurine;
xiii.20 mg panax ginseng; and
xiv.2500 mg energy blend.

Once you have drink Monster energy drink, you will notice the improvement of your stamina as well as your physical performance. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a can of Monster energy drink today and replenish your body with energy!

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