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The events of September 11th 2001, and the global slowdown they accelerated, heavily affected the business environment of the beverage industry in 2002, as they did across all sectors of the global economy. Predictions immediately after the terrorist attacks that the drinks industry would remain immune to any economic slowdown proved only partially true. And beverage companies across the world have experienced one of the most difficult years in memory.

As the global economy slowed, a number of factors combined to make matters worse. In the wine industry, heavy over-planting by the New World producers of Chile, Australia and the US resulted in a hefty over-supply of grapes on the market, forcing prices down and threatening to take a number of businesses under this year. In the spirits industry, the much-heralded growth of the RTD category took on the worrying resemblance of a fad, while a poor summer across Europe adversely affected the sales of soft drinks and beer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 January - drinks news review

Chapter 3 February - drinks news review

Chapter 4 March - drinks news review

Chapter 5 April - drinks news review

Chapter 6 May - drinks news review

Chapter 7 June - drinks news review

Chapter 8 July - drinks news review

Chapter 9 August - drinks news review

Chapter 10 September - drinks news review

Chapter 11 October - drinks news review

Chapter 12 November - drinks news review

Chapter 13 December - drinks news review

Chapter 14 Conclusion

Chapter 15 Beer

Chapter 16 Soft drinks

Chapter 17 Wines and spirits

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