How To Succeed At Juicing

There are probably more than one of you out there thinking – "How to succeed at juicing? You get a juicer, throw some vegetables in, juice them and drink it. What’s the big deal?"

The big deal is that, like other healthy changes that people start to make with their lives (exercise, dieting, stop smoking, etc.) many people start like gangbusters, but peter out because they burn themselves out too quickly.

You know the type – the one who buys a treadmill and exercises religiously an hour a day for two weeks, then ends up using the treadmill as a coat rack. Or, the person who begins a diet and vows to eat nothing but cabbage soup until he loses that extra fifty pounds, then succumbs to a juicy cheeseburger and fries because, let’s face it, cabbage soup everyday is just plain boring.

The same can be said of juicing. It’s a great and healthy habit to get into. But, some people jump into juicing with the greatest of expectations, only to find it involves some work, then end up hating themselves because they can’t meet those expectations.

The solution? Well, for one, lower your expectations. While it’s just natural to want to juice everything in sight when you first get a juicer, force yourself to actually take it slow when you get the juicer home. Tell yourself you’ll drink freshly-made juice three times a week. Soon you’ll find yourself missing the fresh juice on the off-juicing days. You’ll probably end up wanting to juice more. In addition, if you’re not used to fresh juice everyday, it’s good to make the change gradually.

It’s the same principle with exercise. If you tell yourself you have to exercise everyday, you’ll end up burning yourself out, and you won’t exercise at all. But, if you only allow yourself to exercise three days a week in the beginning, your body will get used to the increased activity, and you find you’re more able and willing to add on more exercise days in the future.

Lastly, when you buy a juicer, make sure that the one you buy is easy for you to use. Read the reviews and see which ones are simple (but good) and easy to clean. Nothing dampens the juicing spirit like a juicer that’s difficult to operate and hard to clean. You want your juicer to be your friend, not something you end up selling on eBay.

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