How To Make Homemade Flavored Bottled Water

Most people are averse to drinking water as it is tasteless and insipid. Many people will be happy if they can add some flavoring agent to drinking water. Of course, there is flavored water available in the market but most of them are overpriced. Further flavored water found in stores may contain a lot of artificial additives and caffeine. Instead you can opt for home-made flavored water that will be both tasteful and safe. This can be done simply by adding to plain water - a twist of lemon or few drops of lime juice, a small piece of fruit , a little unsweetened cranberry concentrate, a slice of cucumber, a lavender flower or other edible flower. If you are keen, you can also add some artificial sweetener or other such additives. Instead of plain water, you can add any of these items to club soda, seltzer water, or diet tonic water. There are also flavored sparkling waters available at the store.

Medical experts would say water is definitely better for your health than soda. There is vitamin water available that are no more than bottled water with coloring, vitamins and flavor. Instead of buying this type of ready-made flavored water, you can exercise your imagination and add many things to water at home to make water more enjoyable to drink. Most of us are aware of the term electrolytes used for marketing for energy drinks. Please note that electrolytes are just ions that are found in common table salt. Adding a little bit of salt to water helps your body absorb the liquid more quickly. As long as you add a pinch of salt and not more, the water should quench the thirst, and act as a recuperative agent since the body loses salt through sweat.

If you are fond of having spicy water, then ginger can be an excellent additive to provide a zing to your water. If ginger is added to boiling water, it serves as a medicine to clear your throat and sinuses. People often freeze a small citrus fruit in ice cube trays and then put the ice cubes in water to get flavor and the water produced will be rich with vitamin C. Adding vinegar to water is similar to adding citrus. You will get sour water that is rich in vitamin C. It is not advisable to mix in balsamic vinegar because it has oil, but any clear vinegar is good for flavoring your water.

Blueberries and strawberries have distinct flavors that could be soaked up by water. All you have to do is cut or crush a few of the berries into your water. Mint, lemongrass and parsley are some good herbs for adding aroma and a hint of green to your water. If you want to enrich the flavor, you can crush the plants a little bit before putting them into your water. The water obtained after half filling the water dispenser with cucumber slices, was very refreshing and tasted a bit like cucumber juice. Of course any of these things could also be added to soda water if you want to make your own lightly flavored soda. All of us are aware how important it is to drink plenty of water but sometimes water tastes so insipid that we avoid drinking enough of it. To make water taste better, the manufacturers have flooded the market with flavored waters of all types. Many of these flavored waters taste delicious but they are expensive. If you really want to drink as much water as you should and stay well hydrate, it is best to make your own flavored water.

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